What kinds of defects prompt a tire recall?

Among the kinds of defects that can cause tires to be recalled are sidewall blisters, tread cracks and problems concerning tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Sidewall blisters were the reason for the recall of the brand of tire known as Bluestar LQ size 8-14.5 for low platform trailers. The tires were made by China Manufacturers Alliance L.L.C. (CMA).

The tire can develop a blister on the upper part of the sidewall, and the blister can burst while the driver is operating the vehicle. The resulting loss of air pressure can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, and thereby increase the likelihood of a collision.

Tire manufacturer Goodyear was prompted to recall its SUV tires following the discovery of small cracks in the tread when its tires underwent endurance testing. The tire recall caused General Motors to cease sales of some of its SUVs. And TPMS issues were the reason for the recall of 2015 model-year Dodge Dart Aero models. The TPMS did not activate when tire pressure fell below the telltale level. The manufacturer, FCA US L.L.C., stated that it would remedy the problem by reconfiguring each recalled Dart with a “highline” TPMS, or one that provides monitoring of each tire’s pressure.

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