What are Some Common Birth Injuries Associated with C-Sections?

Some common birth injuries associated with C-sections include:

In addition to these common C-section birth injuries, other risks are present if the anesthesiologist did not administer the drug properly during a C-section delivery procedure. These potential injuries include low blood pressure, blood clots, and internal bleeding. There is also a risk of injuries to the mother during a C-section birth.

What Causes C-Section Birthing Injuries?

C-section deliveries are a common procedure in the hospital setting. However, they require careful monitoring of the mother and infant both before and after delivery. Failure to monitor, as well as mistakes before and during the C-section can lead to life-sustaining injuries.

There is an increased risk with a C-section delivery because of possible complications. Some of these injuries are a result of negligence. A few examples include:

How Can I Identify Problematic Symptoms?

In some cases, complications from a C-section delivery do not show up while the mother and infant are in the hospital; rather, they appear once they are at home. Certain symptoms may indicate there was a problem during the C-section delivery. These include:

If any of these symptoms occur, contact a doctor immediately. After you receive the proper medical care, you may want to consider seeking a legal consultation to learn what your options may be.

How Long Do I Have to File a Birth Injury Case?

Even in challenging times after your newborn baby suffers injuries, it is still important for you to seek out your options. You have up until your baby’s eighth birthday to recover compensation.

The statute of limitations is complex. Because of this, it is important to discuss the details of your case with a birthing injury lawyer as soon as possible. Call Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers today at 855-529-0269.

Determining Fault for C-Section Injuries

If you or your baby suffers injuries from a C-section, you may be eligible for compensation. This process begins by determining who is at fault. We offer a complimentary and confidential consultation to help determine this. This consultation gives us the opportunity to collect important details about your case and to determine the best legal steps to take going forward.

Call us today at 855-529-0269 to discuss the details of your case.

What Costs Can Be Recovered?

Birth injuries can lead to expensive medical bills. This is why it is important for us to establish negligence. By doing this, we can collect the compensation you deserve. This includes assisting you in recovering the following costs:

The specific costs will depend on the injuries, and any life or household changes needed to accommodate those injuries.

How Our Lawyers Can Assist with Your Birthing Injury Case

Investigating the Case

As a part of the process of determining responsibility for any C-section injury a mother or infant have, we look at information from various sources. This information is what will help us determine who is at fault and it includes sources such as:

Through the investigation, we will work to identify the following four elements:

Calculating Damages

We understand many damages exist in a birthing injury case. We will assist you in calculating all damages, including medical costs, as well as noneconomic damages like pain and suffering. The noneconomic damages can be more difficult to calculate. However, they are just as important as the physical damages.

Why a Lawyer Is Important To Your Case

The legal process of filing a medical malpractice case can be long and complex. Working with a birth injury lawyer allows you to focus on your health and the health of your newborn, while we handle the legal process.

It is important to work with a lawyer familiar with the entire process. Call one of our birth injury lawyers today at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at 855-529-0269.

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