What Are Some Types of Palsy Resulting from Birth Injuries in Infants?

What Are Some Types of Palsy Resulting from Birth Injuries in Infants?

Injury during the birthing process can lead to certain types of palsy including:

What Causes Birth Injury Palsy?

Mistakes that occur during birth can cause injury to a newborn, sometimes in the form of palsy. Potential causes might include:

When medical providers make a mistake, it can have a disastrous outcome. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify medical malpractice. Working with a birth injury lawyer can help you understand your legal options. Call 855-529-0269 if you have any questions about types of palsy in infants that result from birth injuries.

What Are My Legal Options If My Baby Has Palsy?

If you believe a medical mistake was the cause of your newborn’s palsy, it is possible you have legal options. While taking legal action might not take away your baby’s injury, it can help you collect compensation to assist with her medical and emotional care.

Bringing a legal case against a negligent medical provider requires us to determine liability. Our team of birth injury lawyers will immediately begin to collect documents to demonstrate liability. We build your case with the following information:

We also work to hire an expert witness. It can be difficult to determine if medical mistakes were made when you are not sure what to expect. Working with a medical expert provides the necessary insight we need into what should have happened and what really happened.

If you believe your infant’s palsy injury resulted from a birth injury at the hands of a medical provider, it is important to explore your legal options for birth injuries and take action soon. Florida requires that we file all medical malpractice cases within two years from the date of birth, or within six months after discovery.

How Much Will I Receive In Compensation?

Every birth injury case is different. By better understanding your case and how the palsy will affect your newborn’s life, we can determine an appropriate compensatory amount. Florida allows us to recover the following types of costs:

A child with Palsy requires special care and attention. Depending on the family’s situation, it might make sense for one, or both, parents to stay home to take care of the baby. We will consider the many ways the birth injury has affected your family financially and potentially help you receive compensation for wrongful birth.

How We Assist with Your Birth Injury Palsy Case

Finding out there is something wrong with your newborn is a terrible shock. It is normal to feel mad, frustrated, and upset. Much of your focus and attention will be on the care of your newborn, and the attorneys at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers help you navigate the legal process with the following services:

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You had joyous expectations for the labor and delivery process. You expected to immediately hold your newborn after birth. A mistake during delivery can quickly ruin these expectations. Your child might be taken for additional testing or medical procedures.

You may find out your child requires ongoing medical care and will experience developmental challenges. We understand the strong emotions you’re experiencing, and we are here to help. While we cannot reverse the medical

mistake leading to your infant’s palsy that resulted from birth injuries, we can help you find justice and collect the compensation you deserve. Call a birth injury lawyer today at 855-529-0269.

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