Florida Car Accident Statistics From The CDC

Car accidents are a very serious problem in the state of Florida. They are a leading problem of injuries and death and result in billions of dollars spent in medical and work loss costs. Read on to learn some of the more notable car accident statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),… read more

Midair Collision of Two Excursion Planes Carrying Princess Cruises Passengers Raises Questions About Liability

A midair collision of two floatplanes carrying Princess Cruises passengers caused the deaths of six people on Monday, May 13, 2019. All passengers were guests of the Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess cruise ship. One of the planes involved in the crash, an Otter plane operated by Taquan Air, carried 10 passengers on a shore excursion…. read more

Tips for a Safe and Spooky Halloween for Your Children

The fear of accidents and injury shouldn’t be what scares your family this Halloween. It’s safety first when it comes to choosing the right costume and deciding on the evening’s events. Attorneys Jason and Debi Chalik, who are parents themselves, share their favorite Halloween safety tips. Getting Ready for Halloween Night The first step in… read more

Possible Causes of Brain Injuries in Infants

Infants are more susceptible to head injury than adults given that their heads are proportionately bigger and they have yet to develop the muscles and coordination that adults have. While most head injuries in infants are minor, serious brain injuries can occur in traumatic accidents and during complicated births. Causes of Infant Brain Injury Infants,… read more

Debi Chalik Explains Brachial Plexus Palsy Birth Injury

A Brachial plexus injury, also known as Brachial plexus palsy, is an injury that occurs during the delivery of a newborn when the head and shoulder are abnormally stretched, damaging the nerves of the shoulder. This birth injury may cause your newborn’s arm to lay limp or have limited mobility in the shoulder and/or hand…. read more

Child Safety Tips: 4 Commonly Overlooked Car-Related Hazards

As parents, we perform due diligence when shopping for a car that will keep our kids safe when we’re on the road. We choose only car seats that meet (or exceed) safety standards. We follow the speed limit and drive defensively. But what about those often-overlooked auto-related hazards? Below is an outline of four potential… read more

How to Identify Toddler or Infant Head Injury Signs, A Parent’s Guide

Child head injuries get lots of attention in the sports arena, but concussions aren’t limited to young athletes and high school football players. Infants and toddlers also are prone to head injury. This is especially true as infants and young toddlers begin to crawl, walk and explore the world around them. Seeing your baby “bonk”… read more

Baby Safety: 6 Things to Look for When Buying a Crib

Our babies are precious and their safety is of the utmost importance to us. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the leading cause of infant injury death is sleep-related suffocation. Choosing a crib that meets all safety guidelines will go a long way to protecting your baby from any dangers. As… read more

A Parent’s Guide to Buying a Safe and Reliable Car Seat

You will make lots of important purchasing decisions as a parent. Safety is the number one consideration when you’re shopping for an infant car seat, a convertible car seat or a booster car seat. Below are a few tips to help ensure you buy the right car seat and protect your child in the event of an… read more

3 Tips for Finding the Best Obstetrician to Deliver Your Baby

As you begin your pregnancy, start looking for an obstetrician you feel absolutely comfortable with — one you trust will see you and your baby safely through delivery. As you begin your search, we’d like to encourage you with the following tips so that you can ensure you find an OBGYN who’s a good match… read more

What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Inflatable Pool Toys

Our gorgeous South Florida weather makes year-round pool parties a viable option. Unfortunately, these festive occasions are not without risk of pool accidents. The Florida Department of Health reports our state leads the nation in annual fatal child drownings for children younger than five years. In fact, the rate of drowning for kids ages one… read more

What Parents Should Know About Children Bicycling To School

As school is back in session in Florida, parents and groups involved in Palm Beach County schools are attempting to get traffic problems under control – urging more parents and students to start walking and biking to school. School officials have received many complaints about the traffic problems around the school, but there is a… read more

Florida Lawmakers Seek to Make Universal Dockless Bike-Share Regulations

If you’re one of the many bicyclists on Florida’s roads, you need to be aware of any new regulations regarding your form of transportation or pastime. The Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik offers details about how the state wants to create universal dockless bike-share regulations for those who bike-share throughout the state. How Does… read more

How Social Media Can Affect Your Injury Claims

Social media has quickly overtaken society as a fun venue to chat with friends and stay up to date on daily life. However, social media activity can lead you to inadvertently releasing extensive information online about you that you may not realize. Once it has been posted online, it is public information and can be… read more

The Financial Responsibility Law in Florida

Anytime you go out on the road, you are at risk for an accident. In Florida, car accidents happen more frequently than almost any other place in the United States. It is important that you know how to protect yourself and what you need to do if you get in any kind of accident on… read more

UPDATE: Jessica Guevara Killed In Car Accident That Left Six Children Injured After Tire Blowout In Apollo Beach On Interstate 75 Freeway

Jessica Guevara Killed In Car Accident That Left Six Children Injured After Crash on Interstate 75 Freeway in Apollo Beach; Please Support The Family of the Victim By Donating the the GO FUND ME Page Set Up For Them  APOLLO BEACH, FLORIDA (October 15, 2016) – A 28 year old woman was killed in a car… read more

Alarming New Study on Brain Injuries and Young Football Players

Over the past few years, more information has become available concerning the potential risks to the brain from playing football. Parents are increasingly worried that their children might be at risk for significant brain injury, even in youth football leagues. A new study  published in the journal Translational Psychiatry regarding young football players addresses this… read more

Why You Need Bodily Injury Liability Coverage in Florida

You may think that if you have the minimum insurance required by Florida law, you are covered after a car accident. In fact, without bodily injury liability coverage, you are very much at risk of being personally responsible for medical bills or other damages resulting from a car accident. Here are some reasons why you… read more

Product Recalls for November

  Yorgo Foods Inc. Recalls Flavors of Hummus Due To Health Risk Yorgo Foods Inc. of Manchester NH recently recalled specific varieties of Hummus and Baba Ghannouj due to a potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination. This organism may cause serious, potentially fatal, infections in small children, the sick or elderly citizens, and anyone with a compromised… read more

Motorcycle Requirements in Fort Lauderdale

Many people enjoy riding a motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale. It gives travelers a unique look at this beautiful and vast state. However, individuals wishing to do this should make sure they take the proper steps to do so in Fort Lauderdale. Learn some of the specific requirements Florida has for motorcycle operators. Florida Requirements for… read more