Is There Anything You Need To Prepare When Meeting With A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most Florida personal injury attorneys will offer a no-cost case review if you or a member of your family suffered an injury in an accident. Knowing what to have on hand during this review, and knowing what information you may need, is imperative so you are prepared and can give the lawyer the most accurate view of your case during this free consultation.

Some of the steps we recommend taking to prepare when meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Florida include:

Write Down What Happened, When, and How

As soon as possible after an injury accident, we recommend writing down what happened. Include as many details as possible and explain what happened, when, where, how, and who was there. This is important because it not only helps you tell your attorney your story, but it gives you something to look back on if there is a court appearance several months down the road.

It is not important how you record what happened as long as you have access to it later. You can record a voice memo on your smartphone, handwrite the information, or type it and save it to your computer. Look over it immediately before your meeting with a personal injury attorney or take a paper copy with you.

Make a File of All Important Documents

We recommend starting a file immediately following an accident, so it is easy to have everything handy when you need it. If you have not done this, collect everything you can that is related to your accident and injuries before you meet with a personal injury attorney. This can include everything from pictures of your vehicle at an accident scene to your relevant medical records.

Some of the documentation you may need to have on hand includes:

Injuries and Medical Care

Documentation of the Accident

Information About Your Insurance

Other Documentation of the Accident and Your Injuries

Write Down Any Questions You Have as You Think of Them

If you have questions you think of in the days leading up to your meeting, or if something pops into your head during the meeting, write it down. Many people draw a blank when they try to remember the questions they had about a personal injury case and pursuing compensation when the time finally arrives to ask them. By writing them down, you can ensure you do not forget to ask the attorney during your free consultation.

Be Ready to Take Notes During the Consultation with an Attorney

Do not forget a pen and paper or other tools so you can take notes during your complimentary consultation with a personal injury attorney. You will likely touch on a lot of topics and get a lot of information during this meeting. You will also get a chance to ask any questions you have and may want to make notes about the answers.

If you are nervous about your meeting or feeling unprepared, you may forget the obvious things — like a paper and pencil. Do not just assume you will remember. Put a notebook and pen on your list of things to do to prepare for your initial consultation.

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