How can I ensure that I will be notified of a tire recall?

In order to ensure that one is notified of a recall, it is recommended that consumers register with the manufacturer at the time at which they purchase tires. Thus, in the event of a recall, the manufacturer will be in possession of the consumer’s contact information. Alternatively, one can subscribe to the email alert service associated with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In this way, one will be informed right away regarding any tire recall. Those interested can also follow the NHTSA on Twitter or Facebook.

Consider the scenario where the consumer does not register his or her tires, and is not notified of a recall, but thinks that he or she is driving with a recalled tire. In that case, they can read the tires’ identification number (TIN) that is on the tires’ sidewall in order to confirm whether the tires are being recalled. They may also have to read the tires’ size, which is also located on the tires’ sidewall. If the consumer is unable to locate this information, it is best to take the vehicle to a dealership specializing in tires, and ask the dealer to read the tires.

Another way for a consumer to make certain that he or she is notified of a tire recall is to set up a Google Alert. Enter the tires’ brand, make and size and “+recall” as a search term. They can set the alert for how often they would like to be notified of any recalls.

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