What Are Some Examples Of Birth Trauma Injuries?

Trauma during the labor and delivery process can lead to either minor or severe birth injuries. These injuries might include:

Some of these birth injuries, like a lack of oxygen or bruising, may go away over time. Other birth injuries can be life-changing. Cerebral Palsy, for example, can affect the child’s neuromuscular development. Some birth injuries require ongoing medical care or surgical procedures to repair the damage.

What Causes Birth Trauma Injuries?

The source of these birth injuries might arise from natural causes or from mistakes that occur during labor and delivery. In a typical delivery room, there are numerous nurses, medical assistants, and physicians that all handle the newborn. Anyone of these medical professionals can inflict an injury on the newborn.

A newborn’s injuries could be from any of the following medical mistakes:

It is not always easy to identify the cause of a birth injury. However, some injuries point to neglect. For example, if the child is born with bruising to the face, it could be the result of poor handling during delivery. Additionally, a newborn with a lack of oxygen might have been struggling for oxygen before delivery too. With proper monitoring of vitals, delivering the baby sooner could prevent significant damage.

Who Is Responsible For Birth Trauma Injuries?

When a newborn or the mother suffers injuries during labor, it can turn a joyous occasion into a disastrous one. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to determine responsibility. New parents might wonder if a medical mistake caused the birth trauma injury to occur, but without expertise on the subject, it is not always easy to determine that is the case.

It is possible that everything that could have been done to prevent the injury was done. However, it is also possible that the medical providers made a mistake and that one of the caregivers were negligent in their care. A physician might be at fault if they fail to monitor the mother for any dangers before labor. The hospital staff might be at fault if they did not pay close attention to the mother and infant’s vitals during labor and delivery.

Also, failing to take action quickly enough or not taking action at all when medical risks are present can deem someone responsible. Whether the medical staff was under-trained, misinformed, or careless, the state might find them negligent.

How Will I Cover My Newborn’s Birth Injury Expenses?

If you suspect that a medical provider’s mistake was the cause of your infant’s injury, it is more than reasonable to want to seek justice.

A child with a birth injury might require the following costs:

Raising a child is already expensive. But when that child now requires ongoing medical care, it can make it difficult to make ends. One, or both, parents might need to stop working to care for the child. It is only right that the responsible party pays for these costs.

Scheduling a free consultation with a birth injury lawyer is the first step in taking collecting the compensation you deserve. We will evaluate the details of your case and get to the bottom of what happened. If the circumstances point to possible medical malpractice, we will immediately begin investigating your case.

We will collect information from medical staff, medical records, and expert witnesses to determine liability. You can schedule a free consultation with a birth trauma injury lawyer today at 855-529-0269.

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Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen during labor and delivery. When they do, it is only right that the medical provider pays for their mistake. Taking legal action can help you care for your newborn’s trauma injuries easier with financial security. By calling attention to the mistake, it might also prevent the medical provider from making the same mistake with another newborn.

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