What Is The Most Likely Cause Of A Tire Failure That Leads To An Accident?

Tread separation is one of the most likely causes of a tire failure that leads to an accident. Tread separation occurs when the tread of the tire separates from the casing or body of the tire.

When a tread separation occurs, a dangerous outcome is possible. A tread separation can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, crashing into another object or even rolling over as you attempt to regain control of the car. This can lead to severe or even fatal injuries.

Potential Causes of a Tread Separation

There are a few possible causes of a tire tread separation:

If a manufacturer defect caused your tire failure accident, you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable.

How to Identify a Dangerous or Defective Tire

Being aware of the symptoms of a defective or dangerous tire could potentially save you from a severe car accident. You can identify a potentially dangerous tire by looking out for the following warning signs:

What You Should Do If You Believe Your Tire Is Failing

If you identify any of the warning signs of a failing tire, it is important to have it checked out immediately. If possible, avoid driving on the tire until you can have a professional inspect it.

If your tire is showing signs of a defect, contact the manufacturer immediately. Reporting the tire can make it aware of the problem and could potentially lead to a recall. Issuing a recall could save other drivers from a potentially disastrous tire tread separation accident.

You can also report tire defects to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA keeps track of all tire recalls and helps manufacturers notify other drivers that might be in possession of a problematic tire. The NHTSA can require the manufacturer to issue a recall if there is a problem with the tire manufacturing process.

Your Options If You Suffered Injury in a Tire Tread Separation Accident

In many cases, people are unable to detect a failing tire before it is too late. If your tire failed and caused you or a loved one to suffer injuries in a car accident, you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable.

You may be entitled to recover:

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How We Can Assist You With Your Tire Failure Case

Complimentary Consultation

Let us evaluate the details of your case. It is not always easy to identify who is at fault when tire failure occurs. We offer free consultations to parties injured in defective tire accidents. By gathering more information about your accident, we can advise you on the best legal steps to take.

Establish the Manufacturer Was At Fault

If the manufacturer was at fault, it is only right that they pay for their mistakes. We can help you establish the manufacturer’s failure to produce a safe product injured you.

We can gather all the evidence necessary to prove liability as well as establish how the accident affected you or your loved one.

If necessary, we can also utilize the professional knowledge of experts and recreate the scene of the accident.

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