What Should A Worker Do After Getting Injured On The Job In Florida?

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After getting injured on the job in Florida, it is important to let your supervisor or employer know right away. According to the Florida Division of Worker’s Compensation, you do not do so within 30 days of the accident, you may jeopardize your claim and lose your ability to recover compensation for damages you sustained.

In some cases, workers do not immediately realize right away that they are injured. In this case, it is important to let your supervisor or employer know as soon as you realize you are injured, even if some time has passed since you reported the accident. You do not want to wait beyond the 30-day time limit.

How the Florida Statute of Limitations Impacts a Workplace Injury

You have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim pursuing damages. If you failed to report your injury within the first 30 days, though, you might lose the right to recover damages, regardless of where you are within that two-year timeframe.

Medical Benefits Covered Under Florida Law

When your employer has been made aware of your injuries and established that they are covered under Florida law, the insurance company will:

If you are dissatisfied with the doctor who has been assigned to you, you are allowed one change of physician.

Medical expenses that the insurance company will cover specifically include:

Benefits Related to Lost Wages

If your injuries are severe and your authorized doctor advises against working after seven days, you may be eligible for wage replacement benefits. If you do qualify, this benefit will begin on the eighth day of disability. Typically, wage replacement benefits equal two-thirds of your regular wage, but the amount may vary. It will not, however, exceed your pre-injury weekly wage.

Common Injuries Employees Sustain on the Job in Florida

While each case is unique, here are a few of the more common injuries that workers have while on the job in Florida.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls are one of the most common injuries in a work setting, and for some industries, the likelihood of serious injury or fatality from a workplace fall is high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that falls accounted for 17% of worker deaths in 2017.


For employees who regularly lift heavy objects, back and neck strains are a common injury. Strains are also a problem for employees who perform any repetitive motion, such as using keyboards. In some cases, repetitive motion can cause severe symptoms and prevent the employee from performing the task for some time.

Being Hit by Falling Objects

Though this is a major problem in the construction industry, where falling objects can be life-threatening or even fatal, this can happen in any workplace environment. Objects could easily fall out of cabinets or from high shelves in warehouses.

Cuts and Lacerations

Whether you are injured by a power saw or a paper trimmer, a normal day can quickly turn sour if workplace equipment leaves you with a painful cut.

Inhaling Toxic Fumes

While this may not be a problem within many places of employment, toxic fumes can quickly put our skin, eyes, or lungs at risk for injury. It is important to take preventative measures if you are working with or around toxic materials or fumes.

Crashes and Collisions

Transportation accidents are the cause of nearly half of all worker fatalities as well as the majority of worker injuries.

Benefits Owed to the Family in the Event of Death

If the workplace accident is fatal, the Division of Workers’ Compensation provides death benefits to the family for their loss. If the death occurs within one year of the accident or after five years of continuous disability from the accident, the family receives benefits up to a maximum of $150,000. This includes:

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