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We focus exclusively on assisting those who have been injured or harmed due to the negligence of others. Our services for clients include:

Car, tire and roadway accidents

Car Accidents
Florida attracts out-of-town residents in the wintertime, tourists year-round, and is a popular spot to relocate. While this may be beneficial to the local economy, it also means a lot of traffic clogging our roadways and creating dangerous environments for drivers. Types of accidents in Florida have many reasons and causes due to negligence, DUI, texting and driving, whatever the cause of the accident you deserve justice. Learn more.

Tire Accidents
When making the tires, manufacturers may have overlooked some important details in an effort to realize cost savings. However, such financial reductions may adversely impact the safety of the motorist, passengers, and other drivers on the road. One tire blowout can cause one accident or many accidents simultaneously. Learn more.

Bus Accidents
Because busses are considered common carriers under Florida state law, bus drivers and owners are required to adhere to exceptionally high standards of safety. When these parties fail to adhere to these standards, the consequences can be devastating and tragic. Learn more.

Bicycle Accidents
Some of the most common causes of South Florida bicycle accidents range from distracted drivers to drivers simply not obeying the traffic laws. When a bicycle accident occurs it is very important to gather the evidence and preserve it to determine who is at fault. Learn more.

Motorcycle Accidents
If a negligent driver caused your Florida motorcycle accident, whether the driver did not see you or disregarded your right of way in an intersection, you may be eligible to earn financial compensation from a personal injury claim. This can cover medical bills, ongoing care, missed time at work, and much more. Learn more.

Pedestrian Accidents
Almost everyone knows that pedestrians always have the right of way when crossing the street. However, some reckless and negligent drivers fail to follow this simple rule, and as a result, thousands of people are hurt or even killed in Florida car accidents involving pedestrians. Learn more.

Pick Up Truck Accidents
In the United States, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of two and 34. Accounting for 872 deaths just in Florida over the past year, wrecks involving pickup trucks are a particularly dangerous type of Florida auto accident. Learn more.

Truck Accidents
When you think of a wreck with another vehicle typically cars, pickup trucks or even 18-wheelers likely come to mind. However, in many instances, the most dangerous wrecks come from where you least expect. Some of these are caused by commercial trucks. Learn more.

A History of Results

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Catastrophic brain injury due to a defective product.



Automobile accident. Defective tire incident.



Settlement. Defective tire case, Bridgestone and Ford.



Pedestrian accident resulting in a pelvic injury.



Dangerous Products and Property Liability

Slip and Fall Accidents
During our time in personal injury, we have seen many types of injuries from what seems to be a simple fall. Slip and fall incidences are one of the most dangerous types of accidents that can occur to you or a loved one. Learn more.

Defective Products
Thousands of deaths and millions of injuries occur each year due to faulty or defective products. While public product recalls attempt to get products off the market and out of homes before injury occurs, many product defects such as a child car seat malfunctions and child cribs are not identified until a severe injury or death occurs. Learn more.

Pool Accidents
Pools are one of the most popular places to have fun and stay cool during the hot Florida summer days. Unfortunately, as the temperature rises, so do the occurrences of swimming pool injuries and pool accidents throughout the state of Florida. Learn more.

Dog Bites
The Florida dog bite statute holds dog owners liable for attacks. You or your child may be entitled to compensation if someone else’s dog injured you. This includes money to address surgical costs, hospitalization and other injury-related expenses. Learn more.

Property Owner Liability
Property owners are responsible for making sure that the areas they make open to the public are safe. In addition, property owners are also required to provide proper security monitoring to their patrons. When these responsibilities are neglected, serious events can occur. Learn more.

Work Injuries
When on the job as a construction worker, laborer, or industrial worker in Florida, you can only hope that your employer has followed federal safety regulations, provided you with a hazard-free environment, trained you properly, and supplied you with well-maintained machinery and safety equipment. However, all too often construction companies cut corners to save money, fail to follow state and federal construction laws, or simply neglect the safety and well-being of their employees. Learn more.

Wrongful Death
A wrongful death occurs when the wrongdoing, negligence or illegal act of another person causes a death. If a person would be liable in a lawsuit for an injury but the victim dies instead, then that person will be liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. Learn more.

Birth injury, brain injury and medical negligence

Birth Injury
Pregnancy is a vulnerable time for the mother and the unborn child. When doctors fail to effectively diagnose or treat complications or emergency situations that arise while caring for women patients during pregnancy and delivery, the babies can suffer lifelong consequences. We have skilled medical experts trained to recognize evidence of malpractice, and we will go in-depth to find out what really happened to your child. Learn more.

Brain Injuries
Car accidents are one of the main causes of brain injuries. The brain can get injured by both hitting an object, such as a steering wheel or windshield, or by being injured through whiplash, where the head gets whipped back and forth, causing the brain to get shaken inside the skull. Learn more.

Medical Malpractice
Even though doctors and surgeons have had years of rigorous training, and even though the medical field is highly regulated, medical mistakes can and do happen. When patients suffer injury as the result of a practitioner’s negligence, they can file a medical malpractice claim against the appropriate party to seek reimbursement for the damages they suffered. Learn more.

Surgical Errors
More than 4,000 preventable surgical mishaps occur in America each year, according to WebMD. Many of their victims file suit for damages against the responsible party. Medical malpractice lawsuit payouts to victims for surgery errors total roughly $1.3 billion annually. Learn more.

Wrong Diagnosis
Without proper and timely diagnosis, patients may not get the treatments they need. Because doctors have a legal duty of care to patients, some cases of misdiagnosis, wrong or late diagnosis might constitute medical malpractice. Learn more.

Unnecessary Treatments
Some doctors and surgeons recommend unnecessary medical procedures and treatments – some may do so intentionally and others may do so unintentionally. In the former case, a doctor may be guilty of fraud and could face criminal as well as civil liability. Learn more.

Boating and water accidents

Boating Accidents
Spending time on a boat is a great way to relax and cool off during the hot summer months. However, while boating seems to be an integral part of surviving the Florida heat, it can also be very dangerous. Learn more.

Parasailing Accidents
Unfortunately, Florida parasailing accidents are all too common – both for visitors to South Florida beaches and for residents. While some parasailing accidents and parasailing injuries are not directly someone’s fault, others are the result of negligence, equipment failure, or even greed. Learn more.

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