How Do Pedestrians Seek Compensation for Injuries If Hit by a Car In Florida?

There are several ways pedestrians can seek compensation for their injuries if hit by a car in Florida. If you were the victim of this type of accident, you might be able to file a claim with your own no-fault insurance, with the at-fault driver’s no-fault insurance, or with the motorist’s auto liability policy.

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You Can Pursue a Payout Based on Your Personal Injury Protection Policy

Florida’s no-fault auto insurance laws mean every driver must carry a Personal Injury Protection policy, sometimes called PIP insurance or no-fault coverage. If you drive a car, you must have at least $10,000 in PIP coverage. While this policy pays out regardless of fault after a car accident, it will also cover the injuries and a portion of your lost wages up to the policy limits following a pedestrian accident.

If you do not drive and do not have this type of coverage, you may be able to file a claim based on the policy of a family member who lives in your household.

You Can File a Claim Based on the At-Fault Driver’s PIP Coverage

If you do not own a car or have PIP coverage and none is available from a family member, the driver’s no-fault coverage may pay your medical expenses and limited lost wages. They should have at least $10,000 in coverage available which should cover the cost of relatively minor injuries like a broken arm or minor concussion. More serious injuries, however, will quickly eclipse the limits of most PIP policies.

Serious Injuries May Require Legal Action to Recover Compensation

Because the coverage limits of PIP coverage are relatively low and the injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents are often very serious and even life-threatening, there is not always enough money to cover all your medical bills and lost wages. In addition, PIP insurance does not offer coverage for pain and suffering and other noneconomic losses.

If you believe this may happen to you or a loved one, we recommend reaching out to our car accident attorneys as soon as possible. You can try to file a fault-based claim on your own, but it is important you accurately calculate your expenses and losses and are ready to aggressively negotiate for a fair settlement.

When you call on our team, we can go to work immediately to:

Damages Available If We Pursue a Fault-Based Claim or Lawsuit

Unlike no-fault coverage, a settlement based on the driver’s auto liability insurance policy or an award won in civil court offers a wide range of damages to compensate you for all your accident-related expenses and losses. This may include:

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