How do I know if I have a birth injury case?

Some birth injuries would have occurred regardless of which actions the health care team took, but a tragic number could have been avoided if it were not for negligence or wrongdoing on the part of a medical professional. In such cases, medical malpractice may be present. For medical malpractice to exist, it must be proven that a medical professional acted wrongfully, and that those actions caused the injury.

When parents suspect that they may have a birth injury case, the first step is to talk to a medical malpractice law firm. A medical malpractice lawyer will evaluate the circumstances surrounding the birth, including the quality of prenatal care, the events during the labor, the child’s current condition and the damages that have occurred as a result of the injury. To get a full picture, the lawyer may review the medical records and consult with experts in the field about whether or not medical malpractice occurred.

If medical malpractice did cause the birth injury, the child and parents may be entitled to compensation for the associated injuries.

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