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A doughnut can be a delicious treat at any time of day. Krispy Kreme stores can provide you with doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches, or a tall cup of coffee. You may also be exposed to a dangerous slip and fall hazard while visiting a Krispy Kreme in Florida.

A slip and fall accident can leave you with high medical expenses through no fault of your own. In this situation, you could be entitled to compensation. Work to get the damages you deserve by contacting the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik right now.

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Go Over Krispy Kreme’s History

Krispy Kreme was first opened in 1937 in North Carolina. From this original store, the company has grown. There are currently over 1,000 Krispy Kreme stores in operation around the world. The company employs around 4,300 workers.

Krispy Kreme experienced some financial difficulties a few years ago, when the company attempted to go public. After this, Krispy Kreme reverted to private ownership. The company reported revenue of $518.714 million in 2016.

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Accidents Happen at Krispy Kreme Stores

Most people do not realize that visiting any food-service store, including a Krispy Kreme store, can be hazardous. You could easily slip and fall in a Krispy Kreme store if:

Even cracked or damaged flooring can cause a slip and fall accident at a Krispy Kreme. You may need the help of a professional slip and fall lawyer if you were injured after you fell. Getting full compensation for your losses generally requires that you move quickly and get the dedicated support in your corner right away.

Krispy Kreme Slip and Fall Accidents Cause Injuries

It’s easy to underestimate the severity of a slip and fall accident. While these accidents are sometimes minor, causing only bruising, they can be incredibly hazardous in other situations. Jason and Debi Chalik can help you if you fell and suffered:

Make sure that you seek medical treatment for your injuries after a slip and fall accident. Representatives for Krispy Kreme may try to claim that you were not actually hurt after you slipped and fell. If you have official records of the treatment you received, it can be easier to stand up to these false claims.

Property Owners May be Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident

In order to secure full compensation for your losses after a slip and fall accident, your lawyer will need to prove that:

A property owner that knew about a hazard and ignored it could be considered liable for any ensuing accidents in the state of Florida. Let us investigate your accident right now, to assess the responsibility of the Krispy Kreme property owners.

Securing Compensation for Krispy Kreme Slip and Fall Accidents

Jason and Debi Chalik may help you file a premises liability claim to seek compensation after a slip and fall accident at Krispy Kreme. This claim can help you secure damages for your medical expenses, time off work, mental anguish, pain, and suffering.

In many cases, insurance agents for Krispy Kreme may agree to a fair settlement after a period of negotiations with your lawyer. However, some insurance agents will refuse to treat you fairly and work to deny you compensation. In this situation, we are ready to take your claim to court, where we can work aggressively to bring back a verdict in your favor.

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