Florida judge sues Palm Beach County for slip-and-fall accident in parking garage

A Florida judge has filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach County, Florida, for its failure to maintain a downtown parking garage where he had a slip-and-fall accident, leading to a serious injury to his right knee.

Palm Beach County Judge Peter Evans filed the slip-and-fall suit in June in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, saying he fell due to “slippery and hazardous conditions” on the garage floor. The accident occurred in October 2012.

Evans is seeking at least $15,000 in damages, claiming the county failed to fulfil its duty of ensuring its parking garages are safe. According to court documents, his attorney David Prather said the fall caused Evans to sustain a stress fracture and tear the meniscus in his knee.

There are a number of dangerous conditions that could leave people vulnerable to slip-and-fall accidents in parking lots and parking garages, including uneven or cracked pavements, slippery floors, hazardous wheel stops and poor lighting.

In Florida, government agencies and businesses are responsible for keeping their premises — including sidewalks and parking lots — reasonably hazard-free. In premise liability cases such as this one, the negligence of business or property owners in meeting safety requirements could mean they are liable for injuries that result from slip-and-fall accidents on their property.

It is important to note that determining fault can be more complicated than it might seem. If you were injured and you believe someone else is fully or partially to blame, contact Chalik & Chalik to learn more about your rights.