Rapper Rick Ross sued for slip-and-fall accident in Miami Gardens home

Rapper Rick Ross and his mother are co-defendants in a slip-and-fall lawsuit that was filed for an accident that allegedly occurred in her home in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The plaintiff filed the lawsuit in a Broward County court. He claimed he suffered tremendous pain after tripping on the rail of an iron gate while visiting the one-bedroom home. Although the injury was sustained in 2011, the plaintiff filed the claim this year.

The alleged victim is seeking in excess of $15,000 in damages. Ross and his mother were not present on the property when the accident occurred. They argued they have nothing to do with the plaintiff’s fall and subsequent injury as the home was rented out to a tenant at the time.

It is unknown why the plaintiff waited several years to file his claim. A person is allowed to file a lawsuit only within a certain period of time after the accident occurs. This is known as a statute of limitations. In Florida, anyone who is injured in a slip-and-fall accident must file their lawsuit against the property owner within four years of the incident. Once the deadline is passed, the legal claim may no longer be valid.

It is important to note that determining fault can be more complicated than it might seem. If you were injured and you believe someone else is fully or partially to blame, contact Chalik & Chalik to learn more about your rights.