Cerebral Palsy Affects Thousands of Infants Every Year

Cerebral palsy refers to disorders that harm control of movement because of damage to the growing brain. Cerebral palsy normally develops by the time the child is age two or three, and is a brain disorder that is nonprogressive, which means that the brain damage does not become worse over time. However, the symptoms of the brain damage frequently change after a period of time; in some instances, they improve, and in others, they become worse.

Every year, approximately 10,000 infants in the U.S. are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and a maximum of 1,500 children between the ages of three and five are identified as having the condition. The percentage of children afflicted with cerebral palsy who will also suffer from a seizure disorder and mental disorders ranges from 35 percent to 50 percent. In addition, they may have learning disabilities as well as impaired vision, hearing, speech or language.

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Cerebral Palsy Caused by Injury at Birth

There is evidence to suggest that cerebral palsy is caused by injuries at birth, infections and an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain prior to, during and right after birth. Premature babies are especially susceptible to the disorder. During the initial years of life, serious illnesses, such as meningitis, physical trauma, and extreme dehydration, can give rise to brain injury and lead to cerebral palsy.

When a baby suffers a brain injury in the womb, the result can be congenital cerebral palsy. Although it exists at birth, it may go unnoticed for months. Brain injury in the womb accounts for cerebral palsy in approximately 70 percent of the children who have the condition. An extra 20 percent are diagnosed with congenital cerebral palsy because of a brain injury at the time of birth. Among the potential causes of cerebral palsy are infections during pregnancy that can harm a fetus’ growing nervous system, jaundice in the baby, Rh incompatibility between mother and baby, physical and metabolic trauma associated with birth, deprivation of oxygen to the brain or considerable trauma to the head during labor and delivery.

If you think your baby developed cerebral palsy as a result of the negligence of an obstetrician or other health care professional, call the attorneys at Chalik & Chalik. They will conduct an investigation, and determine whether your doctor is liable for the injury to your child. If your physician is held responsible, you may be able to receive financial compensation that will help pay for the cost of future medical care and therapy.

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