Infant Broken Bones & Fractures from Delivery

During delivery, infants sometimes suffer broken bones and fractures inasmuch as their skin and bones are very frail. In several instances, light bruising is a common aspect of the delivery, but the occurrence of fractures and broken bones usually suggests that something went wrong during the birthing process that could have been avoided. Doctors have a duty to exercise caution to make certain that the infant is not subjected to unnecessary harm as a result of medical errors.

Although it is not easy to detect birth injuries, there are a few clues that suggest that a baby is suffering from a broken bone. There is swelling surrounding the broken bone, clear evidence of pain, such as prolonged crying and inability to move the broken limb.

The most common birth injury is a clavicle fracture, or collarbone fracture. In almost all cases, it takes place during a delivery that has been turbulent and stressful. Among the usual symptoms linked to a clavicle fracture are crying upon making contact with or moving the affected area, lack of or very little movement in the affected area (usually the arm on the side of the fracture), the appearance of the affected side to slouch and be lower than the side that is unaffected, and the appearance of a lump in the affected area, usually a few weeks following the injury.

Among the symptoms of bone fractures in the legs, arms and other limbs are pain and swelling, redness and bruising, lack of capacity to move the limb in the fractured area, and deformity, which is usually noticeable. It is imperative that parents seek treatment immediately for infant fractures, because if left untreated, they can lead to permanent problems.

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Doctors Should Recognize Signs of Fetal Distress

Usually, fractures and broken bones can be avoided by the use of careful and meticulous medical care at the time of labor and delivery. One way that doctors can prevent broken bones and fractures is to recognize fetal and/or maternal distress, and make arrangements for a cesarean section (C-section). Most babies who suffer fractures and/or broken bones were under a great deal of distress at the time of delivery.

For instance, there are times when the baby is too small to move through the mother’s cervix. This condition is known as cephalopelvic disorder (CPD). In a normal delivery, a doctor may pull incorrectly on the baby or apply an excessive amount of force when using tools to assist in the birth. In addition to an increased risk for bruises and broken bones, babies may develop injuries involving the brachial plexus. These kinds of injuries could have been prevented by an emergency C-section.

Furthermore, serious bruising and broken bones can occur during a normal delivery without any fetal or maternal distress. There are times when inexperienced medical staff pull or yank on the baby even when there is no reason to believe that the baby is in any kind of peril. They may also try to pick up the baby from the arms rather than safely from the back and neck. And in rare cases, someone drops the baby a short time after delivery.

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