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A slip and fall injury is a surprise, and so are the expensive medical bills it may lead to. The cause of many of these slip and fall accidents is another party’s negligence.

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Slip and Fall Cases in Miami

Many situations can lead to a slip and fall injury. Here are some common causes:

Determining who is at fault can be challenging. Possible negligent parties for a slip and fall case include a:

Premise Liability in Miami Slip and Fall Cases

Premise liability covers situations where you suffer injuries on another person’s property. Florida expects all property owners to repair known hazards and to warn others of potential hazards. When another person fails to maintain their property and you suffer an injury, it is only right they pay.

In order to demonstrate premise liability, we will work on your behalf to establish these four elements of personal injury (or wrongful death if your loved one died in a fall on another’s property):

Recoverable Damages for a Slip and Fall Case

Suffering a slip and fall can lead to serious injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and even spinal cord injuries. We will work to get you the compensation you deserve for your damages, which may include:

Slip And Fall Statute of Limitations

The state of Florida requires us to file all slip and fall cases within four years of the slip and fall accident. Failing to file a case within this time limit may lead to ineligibility for collecting the compensation you deserve.

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How We Can Assist You with Your Slip and Fall Case

Complimentary Consultation

It is important for us to know you and the details of your case. A consultation gives us the opportunity to collect important information from you to determine the best legal steps to take.

Determining Liability

It is not always clear who is at fault when a slip and fall injury occurs. Our team investigates the accident to determine liability. We will collect the necessary information to support your claim. This includes documents important to your case, such as:

With this information, we can determine liability and establish how another party was negligent.

Calculating Damages in a Slip and Fall Case

We calculate your economic (lost wages, medical bills) and noneconomic (pain and suffering) damages. We review medical bills, wage records, and other documentation of your damages. Our team may also secure the opinion of expert witnesses who can help establish the value of your personal injury case.

We will assist you in calculating an amount based on your damages. This helps us evaluate potential settlement offers and to decide on the best legal steps to take regarding your case.

Call a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Miami

Slip and fall cases in Florida are detailed. The state expects you to provide the necessary documentation to prove negligence, which is where we can help you. Our team can collect the necessary documentation to support your case and get you compensation.

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