BF Goodrich Tire Recalls

BF Goodrich is an American tire company that manufactures tires for trucks, cars, commercial vehicles, and more. Founded in 1870, the BF Goodrich Tire Company has manufactured thousands of tires, and is one of the most successful tire companies in the U.S. Despite the popularity of the BF Goodrich company, it has manufactured a number of tires with defects that have led to recalls.

Being involved in an accident is a traumatizing experience, and if you’ve been the victim of an accident that involved a defective BF Goodrich tire, you need to seek out the advice of an attorney immediately. Furthermore, if you’re the owner of a BF Goodrich Tire, refer to the following for important information that you need to know about BF Goodrich tire recalls.

Who’s liable for your tire defect-related injury?

Defective BF Goodrich tires have been the subjects of recalls and lawsuits over the years. If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by a defective BF Goodrich tire, the tire manufacturer may be liable.

Under Florida product liability law, a manufacturer is responsible for creating a product that is hazard-free. Florida statute 768.81 states that when a manufacturer fails to create a product that is safe for the consumer, and if that product then causes the consumer harm, the manufacturer of the product may be responsible. Essentially, if an injury occurs that would not have occurred but for the defective BF Goodrich tire, then BF Goodrich may be liable.

Examples of BF Goodrich Tire Recalls, a service of the U.S. Department of Transportation, reports BF Goodrich Tire recalls. On July 25, 2012, 841,000 of the company’s tires were subject to a recall. The tire lines recalled were the BF Goodrich Commercial T/A A/S and the Uniroyal Laredo HD/H tires.

Both lines of tires were recalled for potential tread separation at the tread and belt edge. Tread separation can lead to rapid air loss in the tire, which can in turn lead to an accident. Potential types of accidents caused by tread separation include roll over accidents and road run-offs.

Previously, in 2005, certain BF Goodrich Land Terrain P235/75R15 tires were subject to a recall because they were missing a tire tread wear indicator that federal law requires. As a result, consumers may have been susceptible to driving on unsafe tires because they were not aware that their tires were wearing out.

Many other types of tires manufactured by the company have received multiple complaints for tread separation and loss of air pressure. If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by a tire that was the subject of a BF Goodrich tire recall, or if the tire was not subject to a recall but was nevertheless defective, seek the services of a defective tire attorney.

Take Legal Action if Harmed by a BF Goodrich Tire Defect 

The statue of limitations for filing a product liability suit is four years from the date that the injury occurred. No claim may be filed more than 12 years after the product was first delivered to a purchaser. If you want to recover damages for your injuries, act shortly after your accident to begin the process.

When it comes to filing a product liability claim for a defective tire, an attorney is your best resource. While a lawsuit can’t undo your injuries or any damages, it can yield you the compensation that you deserve. At Chalik & Chalik, we know how emotional a car accident can be, and that’s why we’ll do everything we can to help you recover fair damages.

Product liability law for defective tires can be complicated. It requires proving the tire was defective and caused your accident. An attorney can walk you through the process, provide you with information about what documents and forms you’ll need, and tell you what types of damages you may be eligible to recover. For a free case consultation, or to get started filing your claim today, call us at 855-529-0269.