Firestone Tire Lawsuits

Over the past decades, certain tire companies have garnered media attention for allegedly providing defective tires to consumers, which have subsequently led to catastrophic accidents resulting in serious injury or death. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company is one such company, and has been involved in a host of lawsuits filed by injured parties as well as the families of those killed.

The following provides a list of some of the Firestone lawsuits throughout the years, as well as what you can do if injured in a car accident caused by a defective Firestone tire:

Joel Rodriguez, et al. v. Bridgestone-Firestone

A Texas family initiated this case after one member was severely injured after an accident involving defective Firestone tires. Marisa Rodriguez suffered brain damage and was confined to a wheelchair after a tire blowout led to a catastrophic accident. The Rodriguez family sued Bridgestone-Firestone for damages, and was subsequently awarded $7.5 million in damages. This lawsuit came amidst a massive recall that affected millions of Firestone tires.

Leonard and Randall Heavrin v. Bridgestone-Firestone, et al.

Another case involving defective Firestone tires ended with the death of a couple in Tennessee. The pair, Leonard and Nancy Heavrin, were driving to see family in Florida, when another car equipped with Firestone tires experienced a blowout, crossing the median and smashing into the couple’s car. They died as a result of the accident.

The family of the couple then initiated a wrongful death action, alleging that the defective tires ultimately led to their death. Firestone settled with the families out of court. The amount of the settlement is confidential.

Donna Bailey v. Ford Motor Company and Bridgestone-Firestone

In this case, the plaintiff, Donna Bailey, alleged that the defective Firestone tires present in her friend’s Ford Explorer led to the injuries she sustained. When traveling on a rock climbing trip in her friend’s car, one of the tires experienced a blowout caused by tire tread separation, causing the car to roll over. Because of the injuries sustained in this car accident, Ms. Bailey is now paralyzed from the neck down. She filed a product liability lawsuit against Bridgestone-Firestone and Ford Motor Company, and the companies settled for an undisclosed amount. Furthermore, pursuant to the settlement agreement, attorneys for Ford were videotaped apologizing to Bailey for the accident as she remained in her hospital bed. The video was then shown on national television.

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