Three Florida Motorcycle Safety Tips that Could Save Lives

While Florida’s weather and scenic ocean views make for great motorcycling, this form of recreation and transportation also puts riders under nearly constant danger of being involved in a serious Florida motorcycle accident. This is the case even if other drivers are the ones being negligent.

What’s more, Florida motorcycle accidents often carry with them severe consequences for those involved. While approximately two thirds of motorcycle accidents occur when another vehicle violates the motorcycle’s right-of-way, over 95 percent of these crashes injure the rider.

While there are inherent dangers associated with riding a motorcycle in Florida, there are some tips to increase your safety on the road. By following these three primary motorcycle riding safety tips, you could save the life of yourself, your passengers, or others on the road:

  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothing. A helmet can significantly reduce your chances of dangerous and life-threatening head injuries, while protective clothing (such as goggles and a heavy jacket) can prevent eye injuries, cuts, and road burns.
  • Drive defensively. Motorcycle riders should obey all traffic laws on the road, and drive defensively around other cars. Many wrecks are caused by drivers who do not see motorcyclists, so anticipating their mistakes may help you avoid a costly crash.
  • NEVER drink and ride. Alcohol is involved in nearly 50 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes. Having even a single drink before getting on a motorcycle slows your reactions and makes you unstable, posing a substantial risk to yourself, your passengers, and others around you on the road.

By following these simple motorcycle safety tips, you can reduce the risk of a serious crash and resulting injuries. However, if you are still the victim of a Florida motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you may be eligible to recover damages from the negligent driver.

Contact the Orlando motorcycle accident attorneys at Chalik & Chalik to learn more about your legal rights in these cases. We are a family team of lawyers dedicated to helping your family through the difficult time following a serious accident, and offer a free consultation to all motorcyclists injured in a crash.