Florida Facial Paralysis Birth Injury Attorney

Negligent Doctors May Cause Florida Childbirth Facial Paralysis Injuries

Expectant mothers often hear about the potential for childbirth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, brain injury, vacuum extraction injuries, and more, but another type of Florida birth injury that many have not heard about is facial paralysis to a newborn.

Signs of Facial Paralysis

While Florida birth injuries are relatively rare, they are devastating when they occur. Of no fault of their own, your child may have to live their entire lifetime with an injury or serious disability.

One type of Florida birth injury that can occur is facial paralysis, which results in a child being unable to control their facial muscles. Facial paralysis as a Florida birth injury has numerous possible symptoms:

If your child is exhibiting these symptoms, this does not necessarily mean they have facial paralysis. However, it may be worth checking with a doctor.

What Leads to Facial Paralysis During Childbirth?

When doctors use forceps incorrectly or apply too much force during childbirth, infants can suffer nerve damage. The misuse of forceps often happens when a doctor attempts to speed up the labor and delivery process. When this occurs, a baby’s nerves are damaged, causing the infant to lose control of facial muscles – resulting in facial paralysis.

Additionally, complications during childbirth, such as long labors and large infants, can also add to the increase in birth injury risks. When anesthesiologists, nurses, or doctors administer anesthesia or other drugs incorrectly, it can have an adverse affect and cause the baby to suffer nerve damage during childbirth.

When an infant loses the ability to control the muscles in their face, the facial paralysis injury can be a permanent, life-long injury or diminish over time. This form of a South Florida birth injury can not only affect the injured child but also the entire family. When your child suffers, you suffer as well, and life as you know it can change in a blink of an eye.

What was a joyous occasion has now evolved into a tragic situation. Sadly, facial paralysis at birth in Florida is most likely a preventable injury. When a doctor’s negligence results in your child’s birth injury, you need to know your rights.

How a South Florida Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Family

When a nurse’s or doctor’s mistake results in the birth injury of your child, his or her negligent actions should be protested so that this doesn’t happen to another innocent infant and family. Let a skilled Florida birth injury attorney help you seek justice.