What Are the Benefits of Cerebral Palsy Therapy after a Florida Birth Injury?

Cerebral palsy can occur because of a maternal illness during pregnancy or a disease obtained during infancy, but when cerebral palsy is caused by a medical mistake during the labor and delivery process, it is overwhelming to know that it could have been avoided.
Sadly, cerebral palsy is not curable. When this Florida birth injury affects a baby due to a doctor’s negligence, it can cause the infant a life of disabilities and change a parent’s life forever.

Cerebral palsy affects about three infants out of every 1,000 newborns and is a life-changing condition that involves brain damage to the baby. When a newborn is denied oxygen for too long during the birthing process, this birth injury can occur. For example, if an OB/GYN waited too long to order a C-section after discovering a birthing complication, the doctor may be at fault for causing the baby to suffer this Florida birth injury.

If cerebral palsy is not curable, how can therapy help a child with this birth injury?

Although cerebral palsy isn’t curable, there are some treatments and therapies that have been proven to help children manage their injuries better. Therapies can increase the quality of life and help a child manage some of the symptoms.

Because these therapies are expensive, and a parent deserves to give their child the best treatment and medical care, parents shouldn’t be left to foot the bill. If a child suffers cerebral palsy in Florida at the hands of a negligent doctor, the doctor and hospital should be liable for your child’s medical expenses, therapies, future medical care, and future lost income.

If you believe that your doctor caused your baby’s cerebral palsy, you should be talking with a skilled South Florida birth injury lawyer to protect your interests. Because your infant will always be affected by cerebral palsy, you and your family deserve to be compensated accordingly. Although no amount of money will take away this incurable medical condition, having the right finances will help you get the right therapies for your child and help your family get the help that is needed.