Florida Birth Asphyxia Injury Attorney

As attorneys who handle birth injury cases, some of the most frequent questions we hear are: “What is birth asphyxia?” and “How will this impact my child?” At Chalik & Chalik we frequently work with parents – like you – to help you understand the implications of your child’s injury. This means knowing how an injury has occurred, as well as available treatment options and costs associated with long-term care.

We also strive to educate parents about their options for legal recourse in the event a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence contributed to the birth injury. If you believe your child’s injuries can be attributed to asphyxia related to medical malpractice, contact Chalik & Chalik. You may schedule a free consultation at (888) 476-4697 or by completing our online contact form. There is no cost to learn about your right to financial recovery in the wake of medical malpractice.

What is birth asphyxia and how does it happen?

Asphyxia is a lack of oxygen. Birth asphyxia occurs when a baby is deprived of oxygen. This can happen prior to, during or just after birth. Oxygen is essential for cells to function properly. A lack of oxygen can result in permanent damage to a baby’s organs and/or brain.

Birth asphyxia can occur for a number of reasons, some of which are outlined below:

Some of these factors can be addressed with proper diagnostic and preventive care. Others can be mitigated with early intervention. An attorney from Chalik & Chalik can investigate the details of your child’s injury to determine how and when the asphyxia occurred.

We routinely consult medical experts who have the experience and skills necessary to analyze your child’s pre- and post-natal care. This analysis can help determine if and how medical malpractice contributed to your child’s condition. This information allows us to hold negligent parities financially liable.

How Birth Asphyxia Impacts Victims and Their Families

According to the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Research and Foundation, birth asphyxia occurs in four out of 1,000 births in the country. The long-term impact will depend on the severity of the trauma and how long the baby was without oxygen. It can be fatal in some cases.

Some of the possible complications include:

The cost of long-term care will vary with the nature and severity of the trauma, as well as the prescribed treatment plan. A Florida birth injury lawyer from Chalik & Chalik can enlist the help of medical and financial experts to determine the long-term cost of treating your child’s injury accurately.