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Boating Accidents In Florida Are Down From Last Year

According to Visit Florida, the state’s official tourism organization, the Sunshine State set a record for tourism in 2018. The state welcomed 126.1 million out-of-state visitors last year, exceeding the previous year’s record of 118.8 million visitors. According to records, 10.8 million of those visitors were from overseas, while another 3.5 million were from Canada…. read more

Man Leaves Dead Wife Behind After Accident

Florida law requires a person involved in an accident to stop at the scene. When the collision involves an unattended vehicle or a small amount of property damage, the charge is a misdemeanor. If the crash involves another vehicle with a driver or passengers inside, where only property damage is involved, it is pretty much… read more

Third Self-Driving Death In Tesla Vehicles

Self-driving cars have been the dream of many an auto manufacturer. While we’re not quite there yet, one automaker has made great strides in automation when it comes to driving. Tesla, who touts that its “autopilot” feature can take some of the driving responsibility out of human hands, has come under scrutiny recently. Many drivers… read more

Field Trip Bus Crash Injures Over 30 Students

Charter buses are a great way to travel and for the most part, they are safe. The drivers are usually experienced and are required to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). These licenses usually require additional training for drivers to attain this license specification. Interstate charter buses, also known as motorcoaches, are required to have… read more

Tiger Woods Sued For Encouraging Bartender, Indirectly Causing Fatal DUI Accident

Many states have what are called “dram shop laws” which allow someone to sue an establishment for serving a person alcohol who then goes out and gets into an accident. Florida is no exception. Under Florida laws, the victims of an accident or the family members of a victim may sue an establishment for serving… read more

Trooper Hit By Another Vehicle While Assisting At Scene Due To Hydroplaning

The term hydroplaning is usually used to describe when a car slides or skids across a wet surface. This happens when the tires of a vehicle encounter more water than it can scatter. Water is pressed under the tire, separating it from the road surface. The result is a loss of steering, braking, and power… read more

Driver Tries To Pass Vehicle, Strikes Bus Head-On

There are many circumstances that can lead a person to lose control of their vehicle. Speed, distracted driving, adverse road conditions, and having to swerve to miss another vehicle or obstacle in the road. In order to stay safe if you’ve found yourself out of control in your vehicle, the first thing to do is… read more

Man Crashes Lawnmower Into Police Cruiser

When thinking of a DUI, most people conjure images of an intoxicated person driving a car or truck wildly through the streets. However, Florida’s laws do not specifically state that one must be driving a motor vehicle in order to get a DUI. In fact, if an intoxicated person is driving a golf cart, an… read more

Pedestrian Attempts To Cross I-75, Struck And Killed

Floridians have the highest risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. A report from Smart Growth America and the National Complete Street Coalition ranked the 20 deadliest U.S. cities for pedestrians. Nine of these cities were in Florida. Orlando was ranked the least safe and the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West-Palm-Beach area came in at number 14…. read more

Women Sentenced To 9 Years After Pleading Guilty To DUI Manslaughter

Florida takes every DUI offense seriously, but the crime of DUI manslaughter is usually taken more seriously. DUI manslaughter is loosely defined as killing someone in an auto accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Penalties include up to fifteen years in prison, up to fifteen years on probation, up to $10,000 in… read more

Aggressive Driver Rolls Vehicle With Children Inside

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines road rage as an incident in which a driver commits moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property, an assault with a motor vehicle or other weapon by the driver or passenger in one vehicle on the operator or passengers of another moving vehicle. The… read more

Plane Full Of Passengers Falls Into River In Jacksonville

Many people have been told again and again that flying is safer than driving. Statistically, the numbers add up to agree with this adage. 2017 was a year which saw no commercial jet-powered passenger planes crash. In fact, airliner accidents have been on the decline since 1992. New technology, as well as changes to pilot… read more

Man Arrested After Leaving The Scene Of An Accident To Stash Drugs

Florida has laws regarding what a driver must do following an accident. One of those laws requires a person to remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Leaving the scene of an accident that involves only property damage can be charged as misdemeanor hit-and-run. If the accident involves injuries, then leaving… read more

2020 Might See Citations Issued For Texting While Driving

Anything that takes a person’s attention away from the road is considered distracted driving. Today, most cases of distracted driving involve talking or texting on a cell phone. However, changing radio stations, eating and drinking, or even talking to other people in the vehicle could be considered distracted driving. Distracted driving is deadly. According to… read more

Serious Rollover Crash Leaves 3 Teenagers Injured

Half of all fatalities in rollover crashes are the result of victims being ejected from the vehicle during the crash. Seatbelt use greatly decreases the chances of an ejection, with twenty percent of ejections occurring to those belted in and occurring in less than 1% of crashes where the person was wearing a seatbelt. The… read more

Car Crashes Into Gate At Campaign Speech

Statistics regarding cars slamming into buildings are not usually tracked by local, state, or federal agencies, but there are statistics available as to causes. A great many of these crashes take place when a driver has the car in the wrong gear or mistakes the gas pedal for the brake. The remaining crashes are caused… read more

Faulty Liftgate On 18-Wheeler Strikes Bicyclists

Nationally, Florida ranks first in bicycle accident fatalities at 5.7 per million while the national average per million is 2.3. Florida annually sees 110 cyclist deaths. Alcohol has been found to be a major contributing factor in many of these accidents, accounting for nearly 100 accidents between 2013 and 2016. 64% of these accidents occur… read more

Suspected DUI Driver Crashes Car And Seriously Injures Child

Florida rate of alcohol-related car accidents is higher than the national average. The implied consent laws require drivers to submit to either blood, urine, or breath testing if a police officer suspects a DUI. Those injured in a DUI accident in Florida may seek out punitive damages against the driver. This is thanks to a… read more

Improperly Restrained Children Lead To Heartbreak After Fatal Crash

The correct use and installation of child safety seats and restraints can reduce the risk of harm or death to children by 70%. For children under 12 in 2015, car crashes accounted for 663 deaths. For older children, booster seat use can reduce the risk of injury by 45%. It is estimated that up to… read more

Man Who Fled The County In 2003 Arrested And Brought Back To Miami

Florida courts take DUI manslaughter very seriously. The Florida legislature approved a 4-year-minimum “mandatory” sentence on all such charges. DUI manslaughter is a second-degree felony in Florida with the punishment for conviction being up to 15-years in Florida’s prison system. In addition to jail time, there is a mandatory license suspension for life. In many… read more