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Boy Killed After Falling Out Of Truck Bed

In Florida, it is against the law for a minor to ride in the back of a pickup truck unless there are seatbelts. However, as long as those in the back of the pickup truck are over 18, there are no restrictions on how many people can ride in the bed of a pickup. The… read more

Deadly Crash Involves 5 Vehicles, 3 Of Them Motorcycles

Several states, including Florida, require a separate driver’s license for the operation of motorcycles that can travel over a certain speed. Those wishing to drive a motorcycle must apply for and obtain this specific kind of license. First, they must pass an examination which tests their knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycle traffic laws. They must… read more

Police Officer Crashes Into Bystander During Police Chase, Killing Her

There are times when police must pursue criminals in high-speed chases as a matter of law. Many jurisdictions have policies regarding just how and when police are allowed to engage in such a pursuit. Florida is no exception, though the policies vary between jurisdictions within the state. Miami Beach police can engage in a pursuit like… read more

Man Loses Control Of Car On Beach And Runs Down Children

Driving on the Florida beaches in designated areas is a fun past time that dates back to the first automobiles. Vehicles can only be driven in certain areas during certain times of the day and only when the tide conditions permit. Some beaches, especially those known for nesting sea turtles, may prohibit driving during their… read more

Famous Tight-Rope Walking Family Facing Possible Litigations

Tightrope walkers, also known as funambulists, have been practicing their craft since the times of Ancient Greece. One of the most famous of the funambulists was François Gravelet, who was the first to traverse a tight rope suspended above Niagara Falls. He even paused mid-journey to pull up a beer on a rope from the… read more

Man Crashes Into Utility Poles, Damages Other Vehicle

Under Florida law, a driver has responsibilities when they are involved in an accident. Those responsibilities can vary depending on whether there was just property damage, injuries, or fatalities involved. In either case, the driver has a responsibility to stop his vehicle immediately following the collision. If the property is unattended, the driver must locate… read more

Sailor on Motorcycle Killed By Driver Under The Influence

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, but they are inherently more dangerous than passenger vehicles. In 2017, nearly 5,000 people were killed on motorcycles, which has decreased from 2016. However, motorcycle fatalities occur 28 times more often than other passenger vehicles per mile traveled. They have the highest percentage of any other vehicle type… read more

23 Year Old Falls Out Of Moving Car Window, Hit By Another Car

New drivers typically make mistakes that veteran drivers would not make. Driving experience only comes with practice and let’s be honest, we’ve all taken risks as new drivers. Some of the most common driving mistakes include those made, not necessarily limited to inexperienced drivers, by younger drivers who commit them more often. Speeding, following too closely,… read more

Chili’s Restaurant Fined After Employee Fell Into A Vat Of Scalding Water

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 established that employers needed to provide a safe and healthful workplace, free of all known dangers, for employees. This act also established the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, which oversees workplace safety and accidents. In addition to requiring a safe workplace, the act also provides access for… read more

Tramatic Crash Leaves 19 Year Old With Severe Brain Injury

Florida has laws in place governing what a person should do after an accident. A person should always make sure that everyone is okay and call for emergency services if needed. In most cases where there is just property damage, leaving the scene of an accident without at least exchanging information is a misdemeanor. If… read more

Deputy Hits Teen With Car, Family Calls For Firing

According to Bureau of Justice statistics, police chases kill an average of 355 people per year. A third of those who are killed during police chases are innocent bystanders. Police are victims of deaths during chases as well – about 3 die per year. Many of these chases are instigated by non-violent crimes or traffic… read more

Coach And Wife Killed Installing New School Scoreboard

Electrical hazards cause more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries each year among the U.S. workforce. Among causes of workplace deaths in America, electrocution ranks sixth. While the construction industry makes up the majority of all fatal electrocutions, the agricultural industry is also affected. Each year numerous children and adults are electrocuted, sometimes fatally, by… read more

7-11 Gets Unwelcome Visitor

Like all other states, Florida requires that a person have a valid driver’s license from the state of Florida or another state in order for a person to legally drive. There are many reasons why a license may get suspended or revoked in the state. One of the most common reasons is a DUI conviction…. read more

Student Dies In Accident After Taking Parent’s Car

Click Orlando reports on a Deltona high school student who was killed in a 3-vehicle accident outside the school. The accident happened at about 6:50 a.m. in front of Pine Ridge High School. Volusia County Sheriff Deputies say that 15-year-old Joshua Durner was driving a 2006 Hyundai Elantra eastbound on Howland Boulevard. He then attempted… read more

12 Charges In Fatal Taxi Accident

The St. Pete Patch reports on a taxi driver facing multiple charges over a fatal accident. 47-year-old David Yancy was driving an Express Taxi south on 49th Street North on January 27th. He had a passenger in his vehicle, 40-year-old Heather Scozzaro when he rear-ended a 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe driven by 78-year-old John McVey. This… read more

Florida Debating Banning All Distracted Driving

47 states along with the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have a text messaging ban in place for those behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a major cause of many accidents occurring today. Many of those distractions come from smartphones, and with their rise in popularity also came a… read more

10 Year Sentence In Fatal DUI Crash

Like 43 other states and the District of Columbia, Florida has what are known as “dram shop laws” in place. When someone is injured or killed in a DUI collision, normally, a lawsuit would be filed against the driver who drove drunk and caused the accident. However, states with dram shop laws allow for the… read more

Stolen SUV Crashes Into Police Car

Florida law requires that any driver involved in an accident involving property damage, injuries, or death stop at the scene. If possible, they should render aid and contact the appropriate authorities by dialing 911. Florida law changed in 2014 when the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act went into effect. This law now provides for a… read more

Rollover Hit-And-Run Leaves Teen Injured

Rollover crashes account for a small percentage of overall auto accidents but cause a high number of fatalities. As many as 35% of rollover crashes result in a fatality. In many cases, the fatalities that result from rollover crashes are usually due to drivers and passengers in the crash failing to wear safety belts. The… read more

Safety Agencies Investigate Tesla Crash

Tesla, Inc., a company founded by Elon Musk which manufactures electric cars, has come under fire recently. Advocacy groups are concerned that misleading marketing may lead owners to believe that the company’s autopilot system can serve in place of a driver being in control of the vehicle. The autopilot system can adjust speed, keep the… read more