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Motorcyclist Dies In Fall Off Overpass

Riding a motorcycle can be uniquely gratifying, presenting a unique way of living on the edge that driving an automobile doesn’t provide. Though new riders can learn a lot by taking a motorcycle safety course, there are things that seasoned pros have picked up that might not be taught in a class. One such tip… read more

Unfamiliar Roads, Six-Lane U-Turn Blamed For Fatal Accident Of Foreign Family

Unfamiliarity with an area can be a major cause for auto accidents, particularly wrong way crashes. Merging onto an interstate using the off-ramp instead of the on-ramp and going the wrong way on unfamiliar wrong way streets can often be attributed with being unfamiliar with the roads in an area. Other conditions can also contribute… read more

Speeding Officer Says His Life Is Over After Crash

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are often expected to be held to the same standards, if not higher standards, than the general public. They are expected to obey the same laws that all other citizens are expected to abide by. While this may be the expectation, law enforcement officers are humans, and like… read more

Parachute Accident At Homestead Air Reserve Base

Like other branches of the Armed Forces, the Army has a marketing department. While this department may be more widely known for their GoArmy commercials, they also engage in public displays at airshows and other sporting events. One of the teams that the Army uses for this kind of marketing is the United States Army… read more

NTSB Investigations Delayed Due To Shutdown

The National Traffic Safety Bureau (NTSB) is known for investigating airplane crashes and train crashes. The agency also may investigate any and all highway incidents and accidents and takes an interest in railway accidents and accidents that involve the release of hazardous materials that are in transit. This can include fuel trucks and other commercial… read more

Horrific Revelations Reveal Bad Plastic Surgery Practice According To Reporters

Plastic surgery is nothing new in the medical world. Millions of men and women have turned to voluntary surgery to improve their looks, going under the knife for procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts. A great majority of these surgeries are performed by board-certified plastic surgeons with thousands of hours experience… read more

Organization Asks Government To Require Big Rigs To Use Speed Limiters

Despite that tractor-trailer drivers are some of the most well-trained drivers on the road, tractor-trailer accidents are on the rise. They are also some of the deadliest accidents that can occur. While the fault of the accident may lie with other drivers, this does not change the fact that these accidents often involve fatalities and… read more

Man Assists In Truck Fire, But Gets His Vehicle Stolen In Return. Thief Arrested.

Most people, when witnessing an accident, their first instinct is to pull over and try and help those involved, if able. We call these people “good Samaritans” and many jurisdictions have laws protecting them from prosecution or civil liability in the event that their actions, in trying to assist another, cause harm. Wahile that instinct… read more

Firefighter Accused Of Crashing Into Five Cars While Drunk

Florida is like many other states when it comes to having an implied consent law. This law basically states that by having a state of Florida driver’s license, you agree, should you be suspected of DUI, to take a chemical test to determine your blood-alcohol level. While you legally have the right to refuse the… read more

Fatal Crash Near Ocala

Tractor trailer drivers are usually some of the best-trained drivers on the roadways. They typically have to undergo both classroom training and then on-the-road training before they become drivers for shipping companies. Despite this fact, the number of fatal tractor-trailer accidents has been on the rise in recent years. Many of the fatalities are other… read more

Elderly Driver Crashes Into Restaurant, Six Injured

There are many reasons a person may lose control of their vehicle. One of the most common reasons is due to overcorrecting. This occurs when a vehicle veers in one direction or begins to skid and the driver turns the wheel in the opposite direction, which causes loss of traction. Road conditions may also be… read more

Baseball team charter bus involved in deadly accident

The charter bus for the baseball team at Hiram College was involved in a deadly accident in Pasco County, Florida. The bus was headed south on I-75 from Ohio. According to Sergeant Steve Gaskins of Florida Highway Patrol, among the 38 passengers on the Hiram bus, no one suffered any injuries. However, an 81-year-old woman… read more

April Is National Driver Distraction Awareness Month

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and, at the law offices of Chalik & Chalik, we take this month seriously. We have seen the horrors of distracted driving accidents in Fort Lauderdale, and we want all Florida citizens to be as safe on the road as possible. As cars have grown faster and more… read more

Deadly Intersections in Broward County

Florida ranks fifth in the nation for overall traffic accident deaths, and Broward County is statistically one of the most dangerous places to drive in Florida. Fort Lauderdale in Broward County has the second highest pedestrian fatality rate in the country. Fort Lauderdale has a relatively small population of only about 165,000 residents, but about… read more

Study: Top Fears of Rideshare Passengers in the U.S.

With more than four billion rides completed in 2017 alone, rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft are poised to take over the taxi industry in no time. However, due to the as-of-yet largely unregulated nature of the industry, ridesharing can bring on a unique set of concerns for passengers. Uber and Lyft horror stories… read more

What Florida’s New Ridesharing Law Means for Your Safety

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft have grown in popularity in recent years, giving consumers an alternative to limo and cab companies. Convenience and the relatively low cost of service, have helped these services develop rapidly across the country. Many cities, however, have pushed back against them, and enacted local laws meant to keep… read more

Baseball team charter bus involved in deadly accident

The charter bus for the baseball team at Hiram College was involved in a deadly accident in Pasco County, Florida. The bus was headed south on I-75 from Ohio. According to Sergeant Steve Gaskins of Florida Highway Patrol, among the 38 passengers on the Hiram bus, no one suffered any injuries. However, an 81-year-old woman… read more

Slip and fall accidents in airports

Airports are crowded with passengers who are rushing to reach their plane on time, but in their haste, they may run the risk of slipping, falling and suffering an injury. They are frequently carrying heavy luggage, which only serves to compound the situation. In addition, the chaotic atmosphere of the airport may cause some passengers… read more

Fort Lauderdale detective killed by suspected drunk driver

A memorial service was held on August 26 for a police detective who died in a fiery rear-end collision. Loved ones, police officers and South Florida community members paid their respects to the seven-year veteran of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Christopher Sheehan, 30, was driving a 1995 Jeep Wrangler in Coral Springs, Florida, located… read more

Florida appellate court rules in favor of plaintiff in slip and fall case

In personal injury cases in Florida, the jury has to make a decision as to whether to believe part or all of the account of events presented by the defendant. They must decide whether there are any genuine issues of material fact. However, judges must decide matters of law, and they are required to permit… read more