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Many people in Florida visit a TJ Maxx store to get department store products for discounted prices. These stores are generally busy, full of hurrying employees and shoppers looking for a good deal. Unfortunately, in addition to great buys, TJ Maxx stores can also contain dangerous hazards.

Hazards in the store or parking lot can easily lead to a slip and fall accident. You could be entitled to compensation if you were hurt in one of these accidents. An injury lawyer for slip and fall accidents at TJ Maxx in Florida could help you secure full damages for your losses.

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Information About TJ Maxx Stores in Florida

The first TJ Maxx store in the country was opened in 1976. The company took off in the following years, opening 1,241 stores by 2019. Customers can visit TJ Maxx if they want to buy clothes, toys, accessories, or a wide range of home products.

However, good deals aren’t the only things found at a TJ Maxx. These stores are often crowded as inventory undergoes rapid changes. Employees may not have time to address hazards that could lead to serious accidents. If you are hurt due to a hazard in a TJ Maxx store, a lawyer could help you get the damages you need to move forward with your life.

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Common Hazards in Florida TJ Maxx Stores

Slip and fall accidents throughout Florida have a number of common causes. Some of the most common hazards that lead to slip and fall accidents can include:

Broken or Leaking Products

TJ Maxx sells a number of liquid products, like perfumes and cooking oils. If any of these items develop a leak, they could create a dangerous puddle on the floor. Sometimes these products are broken completely, leaving behind glass in addition to a liquid.

Puddles Caused by Weather

Customers often track water in on their shoes on rainy or snowy days. If there are no steps taken to clean up this stormwater, it can represent a serious hazard to other customers.

Recently Cleaned Floors

Sometimes, cleaning up a floor can actually make it more of a hazard. If an employee mops a floor and does not put out warning signs to let customers know the area is slick, a slip and fall accident could easily occur.

Debris Left in Aisles

Busy stores sometimes become messy as customers do their shopping. If hangers or products end up on the floor, they can represent a serious hazard.

Liability for Providing a Safe Environment

Property owners in Florida are required to quickly remove hazards, including those that we just discussed. A property owner can be held responsible for violating their “duty of care” if they do not promptly address a hazard that they know exists.

Note that, in some cases, a hazard cannot be resolved right away. In these situations, property owners must set up clear warnings to advise customers of the potential danger they could face.

Your slip and fall lawyer can investigate your case, speak with witnesses, and review video footage to gather proof that the property owners at TJ Maxx did not appropriately handle the hazard that led to your injuries.

You can boost your overall odds of success by ensuring your slip and fall accident is properly documented from the start. Make sure that you inform someone at the store that you slipped and fell so they can file an incident report.

Get Compensation for All Your Losses in Florida

You could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses after a slip and fall accident in a TJ Maxx. Depending upon your situation, you may need a slip and fall lawyer in Florida to help you secure damages to cover:

You may also be awarded compensation for lost wages at work and your lost earning potential. In some cases, you could even get damages to address your pain and suffering.

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