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You may visit a thrift shop in Florida to save some money when you’re buying clothes, shoes, and other household items. These stores often offer goods at very low prices, allowing you to stock your home and your closet while on a budget.

Unfortunately, you can end up losing far more money than you save if you slip and fall while in a thrift store. A fall can lead to serious injuries, including broken bones. Your injuries could require extensive medical treatment, which can quickly result in incredibly high expenses.

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Defining Thrift Stores in Florida

Thrift stores are generally operated by charities in the U.S. These stores resell products that are donated by other individuals living in the community. Some thrift stores function as consignment shops. Items at consignment shops are not donated for free. The consignor receives a portion of the sale price when items are sold at these stores.

Examples of thrift stores in the U.S. can include:

These stores are often crowded and it can be difficult to keep them neat as stock changes so frequently.

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Act Fast if You Fall at a Florida Thrift Store

It’s important that you take certain steps as soon as possible after your slip and fall accident in a thrift store in Florida. In order to increase your chances of securing maximum compensation, you should:

Taking these steps can make sure you are on the right track after a slip and fall accident. Jason and Debi Chalik are here to help you right away after an injury. Reach out to us as quickly as you can so we can handle your legal hurdles as you recover.

Causes of Fall Accidents at Thrift Stores

As we mentioned earlier, thrift stores are often crowded. Items for sale can fall into aisles, becoming tripping hazards for customers. The thrift store’s receiving area is also a common location for slip and fall accidents. The receiving area is frequently on the outside of the building. People dropping off products could slip and fall if the weather is bad or if this area is not kept clean and free of debris.

Thrift store owners in Florida have a legal responsibility to shoppers. This responsibility is called their duty of care. They uphold this duty by:

If a property owner fails to uphold this duty, which in turn causes you to slip and fall, they could be held liable for your medical expenses and other losses.

Compensation for Thrift Store Slip and Fall Accidents

The compensation you are entitled to following a thrift store slip and fall accident may vary based on your situation. Depending upon the situation surrounding your fall, you could be able to secure damages for your:

Premises Liability Claims for Slip and Fall Accidents

Your slip and fall lawyer can help you file a premises liability claim to get compensation for these losses. In order to get the damages you deserve, your lawyer will need to show that:

Jason and Debi Chalik are here to start working on your premises liability claim right now. Let us aggressively work to bring you the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

A Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensation

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