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Nordstrom stores offer a luxury shopping experience to customers throughout the state of Florida. However, these stores don’t just provide shoppers with access to fine accessories, clothing, cosmetics, and jewelry. They can also pose serious risks to your health and well-being.

Spills, damaged floors, and other hazards can cause you to slip and fall in a Nordstrom store. A fall can result in serious injuries and high medical bills. You could even be denied the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses and other losses.

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Consider the Facts About Nordstrom in Florida

The first Nordstrom store was opened up in 1901 in Seattle. Nordstrom was initially a shoe store, later expanding to sell other luxury goods. As of 2019, there were 379 Nordstrom stores in operation around the U.S. and Canada. These stores often include:

Nordstrom is a financially successful chain, reporting $15.86 billion in revenue in recent fiscal years. Nordstrom protects these profits fiercely, often working with high-powered insurance agents to dispute and deny claims relating to slip and fall accidents. For this reason, you may need a slip and fall accident lawyer to secure the compensation you deserve.

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The Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Nordstrom Stores

Here at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik, we know that slip and fall accidents can occur for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common causes for slip and fall accidents in a Nordstrom can include slippery floors caused by:

Not all slip and fall accidents are caused by wet areas. Sometimes, individuals slip and fall on uneven or damaged areas of flooring. Even a rug or a mat that isn’t spread out evenly could cause you to lose your balance and fall.

These slip and fall accidents may occur most commonly in parking lots, bathrooms, and the entry- or exit-way of the store. However, you could fall anywhere in a Nordstrom store.

Respond the Right Way to a Nordstrom Slip and Fall Accident

You can boost your odds of getting the compensation you deserve after a slip and fall accident by taking certain steps right away. Before you even leave the Nordstrom store where you fell, you should:

Once you leave the store, it is important that you:

Get Medical Treatment

Seeking medical care for your injuries is important for your physical well-being. It can also increase the chances that you will secure the compensation you need. Showing that you sought immediate treatment can help your lawyer prove that your injuries were caused by your slip and fall accident.

Contact a Legal Professional

Jason and Debi Chalik can start working on your case right away. Getting immediate legal support from an injury and accident lawyer can improve your chances of securing maximum compensation. Contact us before you speak with insurance agents or representatives for Nordstrom.

Let Us Work on Your Premises Liability Claim

Generally, you can use a premises liability claim to seek compensation after a slip and fall accident at a Nordstrom. This claim can allow you to get the damages you need to cover your:

Your lawyer will need to establish liability for your accident to secure you the compensation you deserve. This can involve demonstrating that the property owners of the Nordstrom store knew that a hazard existed and that they did nothing to remove the danger to their customers. Let us start digging into your case right now, so we can work to get you the damages you need.

A Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You in Florida

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