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Hitchcock’s Markets is a local Florida grocery store that offers customers in rural areas the food products they need to keep their tables set. Unfortunately, these stores can also contain a number of dangerous hazards that can cause you to slip and fall.

You may be able to secure compensation for your medical expenses and other losses if you fell in a Hitchcock’s store. The team at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik can go over your case and we may be able to bring you fair damages.

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Get the Facts About Hitchcock’s in Florida

Hitchcock’s is a grocery store dedicated to serving customers in rural areas of Florida. The store does not have locations in other states. The first store became operational in 1945. Most Hitchcock’s locations are in central Florida, though there are locations in the north of the state and around West Palm Beach.

While Hitchcock’s is a comparatively small grocery store chain, it is still protected by powerful insurance agents. These agents can work to block any slip and fall claims brought against the store. Make sure that you get help from a slip and fall lawyer before you speak about your accident with any representatives for Hitchcock’s.

Anything you say about your accident could be used to deny you the compensation you need to move forward with your life. Get professional help before you talk to insurance agents or post anything on social media.

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Hazards Found in Hitchcock’s Stores

A slip and fall accident in a Hitchcock’s store can occur for a number of reasons. Slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur in certain areas than others. For example, you may be at an increased risk of experiencing a slip and fall accident if you are in an area with:

Hitchcock’s property owners have a responsibility to remove these hazards quickly once they become aware that they exist. Property owners that fail to uphold this responsibility could be required to fully compensate you for your losses.

Types of Compensation for Hitchcock’s Slip and Fall Accidents

You may need to work with a slip and fall lawyer in Florida to secure maximum compensation for your losses. Depending upon your situation, you could be entitled to damages to cover your:

You can increase your odds of obtaining full damages by reaching out to a legal professional as soon as you slip and fall. You should also report your accident before you leave the store. A Hitchcock’s employee will need to document your slip and fall accident with an incident report.

Hitchcock’s Stores and Premises Liability Claims

Securing the damages you deserve after a slip and fall accident can be challenging. Fortunately, Jason and Debi Chalik can offer you the support and advice you need every step of the way. We are ready to help you file a premises liability claim to get the compensation you need.

A premises liability claim can allow you to get compensation for your losses if a property owner:

Jason and Debi Chalik can investigate your case to prove these facts. We can speak with witnesses who saw you fall, investigate evidence related to your accident, and even request access to video surveillance from the time of your fall. We may be able to bring you the damages you need with a settlement, or with a courtroom verdict in your favor in Florida.

Start Working with a Slip and Fall Lawyer Immediately

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