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Shoppers in the state of Florida may visit Aéropostale to get stylish clothes designed for people around the ages of 14 to 17. These stores are often crowded with racks of clothing, which may not only make it difficult to find what you’re looking for but also may present a possible hazard. Slipping and falling in an Aéropostale can cause additional problems for your life.

The team at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik understands what you need after an Aéropostale slip and fall accident. You can call us at (855) 529-0269 to speak with our injury lawyers for slip and fall accidents at Aéropostale in Florida. We can start working to secure you maximum compensation for your:

Information About Florida Aéropostale Stores

Learning more about Aéropostale can help you understand what it will take to get compensation after your slip and fall accident in Florida. Aéropostale stores have been operating since the year 1987. The company is headquartered in New York, but operates stores in many countries around the world.

Aéropostale filed for bankruptcy in the year 2016, but exited the process after a licensing firm consortium made a large bid for the company. Currently, there are around 500 Aéropostale stores in operation.

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Challenges Associated with Aéropostale Slip and Fall Accidents

Aéropostale owners can work with highly skilled insurance agents to protect their bottom lines after a slip and fall accident in Florida. They may work to deny your claim. They can even attempt to blame the slip and fall accident on you by claiming that you fell because you:

A slip and fall lawyer in Florida can help you stand up to these claims. Jason and Debi Chalik can help you handle insurance agents and Aéropostale representatives who are trying to deny you the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Areas Where Accidents Occur in Aéropostale

An Aéropostale slip and fall accident can occur in any location throughout the store. However, there are some areas where slip and fall accidents more commonly occur. Areas with the following hazards may increase your odds of slipping and falling:

Property owners in Florida are required to address hazards quickly in order to maintain their duty of care to visitors to their stores. If they allow a known hazard to remain – without cleaning it up or warning visitors that it exists – they could be held liable for your accident.

Injuries and Aéropostale Slip and Fall Accidents in Florida

A slip and fall accident in an Aéropostale can lead to a number of serious injuries. The following injuries are common results of fall accidents:

These injuries may be more severe in certain segments of the population. Older individuals can experience severe breaks following a slip and fall accident. Any injury can lead to high medical expenses. Jason and Debi Chalik believe you deserve fair compensation for any of your medical expenses after an Aéropostale slip and fall accident.

Seeking Compensation for Florida Slip and Fall Accidents

You may be able to secure fair compensation for your losses after an Aéropostale slip and fall accident by filing a premises liability claim with Jason and Debi Chalik. The team at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik can:

We can use our findings to negotiate with insurance agents, working to bring you a settlement that will address all of your losses. If the company will not agree to a fair settlement, we can even take your claim to court to work to secure a judgment in your favor.

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