Goodyear Tire Lawsuits

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is known as one of the largest tire companies in the world. And through its history of production, it has been involved in numerous defective tire-related lawsuits due to injuries and even deaths that occurred as a result of using its tires.

The following provides information on a sampling of these lawsuits, as well as information on what you can do if injured as a result of a defective Goodyear tire.

Chavez v. Dunlop, et al. 

This 2009 case was brought by Esther Chavez on behalf of her deceased son, Raul Esquivel Navarrete, claiming that his August 2003 accident was caused in part by the defendant’s (Dunlop Ltd. and Goodyear Dunlop Tires) failure to recall defective tires. The plaintiff specifically states that the “lack of warning added to the tire’s defective condition” and was an added factor in the death and injuries that occurred as a result. The complaint alleges that the tire did not possess a nylon cap meant to decrease the effect of heat along the edge of the belt.

Chavez believed that the tire was responsible for her son’s death, as well as the injuries to the other five passengers in the car and sued the defendant for $24 million in exemplary damages, as well as $6 million for emotional pain and loss of consortium, among other reasons.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company v. Kirby et al. 

This lawsuit involves the death of Travis Kirby and the injuries of two of his passengers as a result of an accident that occurred in 2000. The plaintiffs, who consisted of Travis Kirby’s family members as well as the other two injured men individually, alleged that despite Kirby being legally drunk at the time of the accident, the right-rear tire on Kirby’s car was defective and led to the crash. A judge awarded the plaintiffs $2.1 million, which was upheld on appeal. Goodyear later settled the case for an undisclosed amount prior to an appeal to the state Supreme Court, which dismissed the case upon settlement.

Harper v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 

Julie Harper and Dale Chinn brought this action against Goodyear on behalf of themselves, as well as others similarly affected by the defects, a suit commonly referred to as “class-action.” Harper and Chinn alleged that certain Load Range E, Load Range D, light-truck and recreational vehicle tires manufactured by Goodyear were defective and that these defects in design led to 31 crashes, which caused at least 120 injuries and 15 deaths. The plaintiffs also alleged that Goodyear initiated a “silent recall” of these tires to replace them individually, although Goodyear denied these claims. A settlement was reached, allowing class-action members to be eligible for benefits pursuant to a warranty program, although Goodyear still faced other civil individual lawsuits for the deaths and injuries that occurred.

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