Sumitomo Tire Recalls

Sumitomo tire defects have caused numerous complaints and at least one product recall in the past few years. It is possible that defects in Sumitomo tires have caused roadway crashes, resulting in property damage and bodily injury. In some cases, victims of tire defects are unaware of the true cause of their crash and may never file a product liability claim.

Understanding your rights when it comes to tire defects and resulting damages is important to protecting yourself and your property. Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe and reliable products and should be held accountable when their failure to do so causes serious injuries.

Drivers in Florida and nationally have potentially realized the impact of driving on defective Sumitomo tires, and the following list of Sumitomo tire recalls and complaints is evidence of this fact.

Sumitomo Tire Recalls and Complaints

The following are Sumitomo tire recalls and complaints recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

There are an additional 31 complaints for multiple tire problems including blowouts, explosions, dents and bubbles. If you feel that you’ve been affected by faulty tires manufactured by Sumitomo, contact an attorney that specializes in tire defect cases. 

Compensation if Defective Sumitomo Tires Cause an Accident

Whether or not tires are subject to a Sumitomo tire recall, if they were defective and caused an accident, victims can pursue compensation from the manufacturer.

After an accident, you will likely be facing some large and unexpected expenses. Repairs or replacement of damaged property or medical bills related to an injury sustained in a crash can be overwhelming and emotionally draining.

Some of the expenses you can expect to recover in a product liability suit include the following.

Discussing your options with an attorney can help clarify your options if defective tires caused the accident, even if they were never subject to a Sumitomo tire recall. An attorney will be knowledgeable about what information and evidence you need to support a lawsuit for product liability. A tire defect attorney will represent you in court if necessary.

Your attorney will do the following for you.

Call Chalik and Chalik for Legal Help if Victim of a Defective Tire

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