Continental Tire Lawsuits

Continental AG, generally referred to simply as Continental, is a German manufacturer that has been in existence since 1871 and has provided millions of tires for cars around the world. Since its inception, however, it has been the defendant in a host of lawsuits involving defective tires that led to catastrophic accidents resulting in serious injury and death.

The following is a short list of lawsuits in which Continental has been involved over the years:

Tracey and Edward Parker v. Continental Tire the Americas, LLC 

In 2009, Tracey Parker’s life was forever changed when she was involved in a horrible accident when driving in West Palm Beach, Fla. Her family alleges that the tire was defective, which contributed to the crash that placed Parker in a coma and left her with astronomical medical bills.

She and her family subsequently initiated a lawsuit against Continental, claiming that the tire bead wasn’t properly formed, and it caused her to lose control of her vehicle and overturn. In 2013, a jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff, awarding Tracey Parker and her family almost $10 million dollars in damages.

William W. McGee v. Continental Tire North America, Inc. 

Representing both himself and others who had been similarly affected, William McGee was the plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit filed against Continental in December 2006. The plaintiff alleged that Continental distributed a specific type of tire with the knowledge that it would wear prematurely, and the action consisted of thousands of people across the United States who wanted to take part.

An agreement was reached between the plaintiffs and the defendants, pursuant to which Continental was ordered to pay between $5 million and $8 million to settle the case in the District of New Jersey. Those who took part in the lawsuit were eligible to receive up to $90 per affected tire, depending on the amount of wear on the tire and whether or not they had purchased the tire new or used.

Yuri Camacho Malagon et al v. Continental Tire North America Inc et al. 

A fatal crash that ripped apart an entire family was at the heart of this 2007 lawsuit. In March 2007, a 2000 Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by Mercedes Malagon Ortiz was involved in a single-vehicle accident — investigators believe it was the result of a defective tire. Five members of the family were killed, with two other boys inside injured, one of whom lost a leg below the knee.

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