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Gas Explosion In Florida Injures 21 People

Most homes and businesses use natural gas or propane on a daily business for heating and cooking. Gas explosions typically cause heavy damage and loss of life as well as injury. A gas explosion occurs when a natural gas leak that comes into contact with a spark or a flame. Natural gas, methane, propane, and… read more

Don’t Use Gunfire To Celebrate During Fireworks

While many people celebrate the Fourth of July by going and seeing professional fireworks displays or shooting off their own fireworks at home, some celebrate in a much more dangerous way. They discharge firearms into the air. While many consider celebratory gunfire harmless, it is actually more likely to be fatal than a typical shooting…. read more

Please Make Sure Your Children Have Protective Gear For Sports

Football is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of fans and players alike. However, it is also a dangerous sport that has led to serious injuries, including paralysis and death. The movie “Concussion” attempted to bring the dangers of football-related head injuries to the forefront of public concern. When someone suffers from repeated concussive… read more

Plane Full Of Passengers Falls Into River In Jacksonville

Many people have been told again and again that flying is safer than driving. Statistically, the numbers add up to agree with this adage. 2017 was a year which saw no commercial jet-powered passenger planes crash. In fact, airliner accidents have been on the decline since 1992. New technology, as well as changes to pilot… read more

Improperly Restrained Children Lead To Heartbreak After Fatal Crash

The correct use and installation of child safety seats and restraints can reduce the risk of harm or death to children by 70%. For children under 12 in 2015, car crashes accounted for 663 deaths. For older children, booster seat use can reduce the risk of injury by 45%. It is estimated that up to… read more

Deadly Crash Revealed To Be Caused By DUI

In Florida, if an accident results from a person’s decision to drive while intoxicated, the justice system allows for two different types of compensation. An injured party may be entitled to both compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are intended to cover specific losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and… read more

Teen Hit And Killed While Skateboarding To Work

When it comes to bicycle and pedestrian safety on roadways, both motorists and the bicyclists/pedestrians need to play their respected roles. Motorists can play their part by keeping an active eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists. Giving plenty of room and obeying traffic laws can keep accidents from happening. On the part of the bicyclists… read more

One Person Still Missing After Boating Accident Which Killed 2 Others

Boating is a fun way that many Floridians and tourists spend recreational time doing. From fishing to pleasure boating, it’s a popular past time, but it can also be very dangerous. In 2017, Florida had a total of 766 boating accidents, 52 more accidents than 2016. 261 of these accidents involved collisions where inattention by… read more

Teen Arrested For A Marijuana Charge Following Fatal Crash

Although Florida has taken steps towards legalizing medical marijuana, it is still illegal to drive while under its influence. If caught, a person can face a driving under the influence charge, even if they have been legal prescription. Unfortunately, it can be difficult determining when a person last smoked cannabis and whether they are still… read more

Trampoline Parks See A Heavy Increase In Emergency Room Visits

A trip to a trampoline park can be a fun way to spend an afternoon with children of any age. After all, going to a place where you can run and bounce around on trampolines is a good time for anyone. Unfortunately, trips to the trampoline park can often end in injury. People have experienced… read more

OSHA Finds 6 Violations After Explosion Kills Mother

With the passage of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970, Congress created the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). OSHA is part of the United States Department of Labor and its purpose is to assure a safe and healthy working environment for men and women. The organization does this by setting and enforcing… read more

Man Loses Control Of Car On Beach And Runs Down Children

Driving on the Florida beaches in designated areas is a fun past time that dates back to the first automobiles. Vehicles can only be driven in certain areas during certain times of the day and only when the tide conditions permit. Some beaches, especially those known for nesting sea turtles, may prohibit driving during their… read more

Famous Tight-Rope Walking Family Facing Possible Litigations

Tightrope walkers, also known as funambulists, have been practicing their craft since the times of Ancient Greece. One of the most famous of the funambulists was François Gravelet, who was the first to traverse a tight rope suspended above Niagara Falls. He even paused mid-journey to pull up a beer on a rope from the… read more

Chili’s Restaurant Fined After Employee Fell Into A Vat Of Scalding Water

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 established that employers needed to provide a safe and healthful workplace, free of all known dangers, for employees. This act also established the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, which oversees workplace safety and accidents. In addition to requiring a safe workplace, the act also provides access for… read more

Coach And Wife Killed Installing New School Scoreboard

Electrical hazards cause more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries each year among the U.S. workforce. Among causes of workplace deaths in America, electrocution ranks sixth. While the construction industry makes up the majority of all fatal electrocutions, the agricultural industry is also affected. Each year numerous children and adults are electrocuted, sometimes fatally, by… read more

Speeding Officer Says His Life Is Over After Crash

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are often expected to be held to the same standards, if not higher standards, than the general public. They are expected to obey the same laws that all other citizens are expected to abide by. While this may be the expectation, law enforcement officers are humans, and like… read more

Slip and fall accidents in airports

Airports are crowded with passengers who are rushing to reach their plane on time, but in their haste, they may run the risk of slipping, falling and suffering an injury. They are frequently carrying heavy luggage, which only serves to compound the situation. In addition, the chaotic atmosphere of the airport may cause some passengers… read more

Florida appellate court rules in favor of plaintiff in slip and fall case

In personal injury cases in Florida, the jury has to make a decision as to whether to believe part or all of the account of events presented by the defendant. They must decide whether there are any genuine issues of material fact. However, judges must decide matters of law, and they are required to permit… read more

Birth injury lawsuit against the University of Miami

The Florida Supreme Court permitted a family to resume their birth injury claim against the University of Miami (UM). According to the Florida Record, the parents of a child who is currently age 17 filed a lawsuit against UM, alleging that at the time of his delivery at Jackson North Maternity Center in Miami-Dade County,… read more

Erb’s Palsy lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of hospital and staff

A woman from Lake Worth, Florida, filed a personal injury lawsuit against her obstetrician/gynecologist and the staff at Bethesda Memorial Hospital. She alleges that they neglected to use the required level of care, skill and treatment at the time of her delivery. As a result of their negligence, her child suffered a brachial plexus injury,… read more