News - Hit And Run Accident

College Student Dies In Hit And Run Accident, Driver Says They Were Intoxicated

In Florida, if a person is driving under the influence and is involved in an accident causing the death of another person, they can be charged with DUI manslaughter. This is a serious felony charge which comes with a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in state prison. The sentence can go as long as… read more

UCF Senior Injured In Hit And Run Crash

Florida law requires that following an accident, the people involved must immediately stop and exchange identifying information. Failure to do so can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. In cases that involve just property damage, the charge is typically just a misdemeanor. In cases where an injury is involved, the charge is… read more

Prosecutor Arrested For DUI Hit-And-Run

The Sun-Sentinel reports on a Broward County prosecutor arrested for DUI and hit-and-run. Last Tuesday, a Broward County prosecutor was arrested after Florida State Patrol troopers said that he rear-ended one vehicle and side-swiped another on Interstate 95 Tuesday night. 37-year-old Alim Babayev, was found walking northbound on Interstate 95 just south of the Oakland… read more

Tramatic Crash Leaves 19 Year Old With Severe Brain Injury

Florida has laws in place governing what a person should do after an accident. A person should always make sure that everyone is okay and call for emergency services if needed. In most cases where there is just property damage, leaving the scene of an accident without at least exchanging information is a misdemeanor. If… read more

University of Miami Student Struck and Killed by SUV

Posted on Dec 15, 2010 A University of Miami student was hit and killed by an SUV early Sunday morning. The student was crossing a street on campus. According to police, 19-year-old Taylor William Emmons, a sophomore at the University of Miami, was trying to cross San Amaro Drive outside of the Sigma Chi fraternity… read more