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Few areas in the country offer better scenery for an afternoon motorcycle ride than St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area. But while riding a motorcycle can provide an unparalleled thrill, it can also lead to major bodily injury in the event of a collision with another motor vehicle. Unfortunately, too many Florida drivers fail to watch out for motorcycles on the road, and this is reflected in the high fatality rate for bikers published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident, an attorney from Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers can go after the driver who hit you and their insurance company. We can help you recover the fair compensation you deserve. We offer a free case evaluation and do not collect a fee until we win money for you, so there is no risk on your part. To start the process today by speaking with a member of our staff, call (855) 529-0269.

Motorcycle Accident Liability in Florida

After a motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg, your first phone call after receiving medical care should be to Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in St. Petersburg have helped dozens of clients win compensation from the drivers who hit them and from their insurers.

Our attorneys have the resources to put to use in your case. We are so confident we can win you the damages you deserve that we never collect a fee until you get paid.

Drivers’ Duties

Because of their small size and their lack of a protective frame and other safety features, motorcycles are at a major disadvantage when they collide with any other vehicle on the road. That is why the motor vehicle accident fatality rate is so much higher for motorcyclists than for other drivers. To address the dangers motorcyclists face, Florida has implemented many laws with the intent of making the roads safer for bikers.

Drivers have a duty to watch out for motorcycles and to operate their vehicles with care in their presence. We go after the driver who hit you, collecting evidence to show they did not uphold their duty of care to you and are thus financially liable for your injuries and property damage.

Shared Fault Accidents

Florida drivers can collect damages for motorcycle accident injuries even when they are partly at fault for the collision. If you were told that you are ineligible for compensation because your motorcycle accident was your fault, do not accept this answer without first speaking with an attorney. We may be able to win you compensation, even in a shared fault scenario.

Insurance Companies

Compensation paid to motorcycle accident victims in Florida typically comes from one or more insurance companies. Florida has strict financial responsibility laws under FL statute Chapter 626, and the state’s insurance rules are somewhat unique. Drivers must carry personal injury protection, or PIP insurance, and they must file a claim with it before seeking damages from the other driver’s insurer.

However, if your total damages exceed your PIP policy limits, we can pursue the remainder from the other driver and their insurance company. An attorney can help you negotiate with the insurers to collect every dollar to which you are entitled.

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Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers Helps You Win Compensation

Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers have helped motorcycle accident victims win damages in the Tampa Bay area. Here are a few benefits of working with our firm:

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At Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers, you work directly with our partners—the ones who built our reputation and track record.

Win Fair Compensation for Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers pursues both economic and noneconomic damages. We can help you win a settlement or award that includes money for the following damages and more:

Florida Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accident Claims

In Florida, motorcycle accident victims typically have four years from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties and their insurers under FL § 95.11. However, this deadline can be longer or shorter based on many factors unique to your case. That said, the important thing to remember is that if you let the statute of limitations expire, you can be time-barred from recovering compensation no matter how strong your case is.

That is why it is critical to speak with a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. If necessary, Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers can file a lawsuit to keep your claim alive.

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