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Is your child suffering an injury or illness you suspect may have been caused by a doctor’s mistake? Are you worried about how you’ll pay for your child’s necessary medical care? Is the doctor blaming you for your child’s birth injury?

At Chalik & Chalik, we help Orlando families like yours pursue fair compensation in birth injury claims relating to injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and brain trauma. We’re parents, too, and we respect the special concerns and considerations you face as you seek justice for your child. We provide compassionate, yet effective, representation in the quest for fair financial recovery.

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Did medical malpractice cause your child’s injuries?

You may feel overwhelmed as you try to make sense of you and your child’s situation – anger, anxiety, sadness and confusion are a normal part of the process.

Amidst this emotional upheaval, you may wonder if natural factors or a doctor’s mistake or carelessness caused your child’s medical condition. This may be especially true if you’re left with a nagging feeling that something went wrong during your prenatal care or during your child’s delivery.

Our team can help answer your questions by examining the facts of your case and conducting a thorough investigation into the pre- and post-natal care provided.

Examples of medical negligence or error resulting in birth injury include:


We will examine hospital and medical records, witness statements and other evidence to determine if negligence occurred and who is liable for your child’s injury.

You Are Not Alone – Our Team Provides Support Every Step of the Way

Coping with birth injury can be an isolating experience. Other parents may struggle to relate to what you’re experiencing, while the insurance company fails to empathize with your situation. Our team has helped numerous families like yours in the fight for fair compensation. We can act as your and your child’s advocates, standing up for your rights against a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence.

You may be entitled to money to pay for unpaid medical bills, ongoing care, physical therapy, your lost wages and other expenses relating to your child’s birth injury.

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