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Miami is, unfortunately, not a particularly safe city; in fact, it has more auto accident fatalities than any other city in the state. This, coupled with the numerous other types of accidents that are common in any popular vacation destination, puts a person at risk of not only permanent injury but also having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in medical fees, job re-training fees, therapy, etc.

Thankfully, anyone who is not fully at fault for any type of accident can claim compensation. Chalik and Chalik Law Offices have a great deal of experience with handling a wide range of liability cases ranging from auto accidents to pool accidents to medical malpractice suits. We not only provide a free consultation to all prospective clients but will come to wherever you are to speak with you, be it a hospital bedtime, your home or your office. What is more, we do not charge a penny until we help you gain the compensation that is your due.

Call us today regarding the details of your case. We are more than happy to provide you high quality legal representation and advice.