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You can get professional help on your side today if you slipped and fell in an H&M store in Florida. You may need legal support if you were injured after you fell. Medical treatment can quickly become very expensive, especially if you suffered a head injury.

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Information About H&M Stores in Florida

H&M is a clothing and retail store that was originally founded in Sweden. H&M currently operates stores in 62 different countries, including the U.S. There are around 4,500 H&M stores that are operational around the world. H&M employs over 130,000 people.

These stores usually have a fairly small footprint, full of racks of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. These small, busy stores may include a number of hazards that can cause you to slip and fall as you’re trying to shop.

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Locations Where Slip and Fall Accidents Occur

A slip and fall accident could occur anywhere. However, here at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik, we have found that there are some common locations for slip and fall accidents. These locations can include:

Inside of an H&M store, you may slip and fall if another customer dropped a product onto the floor. Additionally, spills from leaking products or a leaking roof could lead to a slip and fall accident in Florida. You deserve professional help no matter what caused you to slip and fall.

Report Your H&M Slip and Fall Accident Right Away

You need to take some steps as quickly as possible after you slip and fall in an H&M. You should take pictures of the place where you fell, your injuries, and the hazard that caused you to fall. You should also inform the store management that you fell.

A store manager can file an incident report about your accident. This report serves as official documentation of your slip and fall accident. It can be used to prove that you were in the store at the time your accident occurred, which can make it easier to get the compensation you deserve.

Get Legal Help After a Slip and Fall Accident at H&M

Powerful insurance agents can support H&M stores around Florida. These insurance agents can work to deny you the compensation you deserve to cover your:

A professional injury and accident lawyer in Florida can help you stand up to insurance agents. Jason and Debi Chalik can personally work to build a premises liability claim for you. This claim can help you secure maximum damages for all of your losses following a H&M slip and fall accident.

Reasons You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Florida

You can end up denied all compensation for your medical expenses and other losses if you try to handle a premises liability claim on your own. You may need a slip and fall lawyer to prove that:

Jason and Debi Chalik will work to gather evidence with the goal of securing you a fair settlement outside of the court system. However, we understand that sometimes a premises liability claim must be resolved in court.

In either case, we are ready to provide you with the professional legal advice you deserve. We also will not accept payment for legal fees unless we can bring you the damages you need to move forward with your life. Let us handle all your legal hurdles as you focus on recovery.

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