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Common Gas Stations in Florida

Cumberland Farms is one of the most popular gas stations in the state of Florida. Other common, and popular, gas stations in our state include:

Note that these are only examples of the most common gas stations lining the roads and found in cities throughout the state. You could be entitled to damages for your injuries if you slip and fall in a gas station not included on this list.

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The Causes of Gas Station Slip and Fall Accidents

Gas stations are usually bustling and crowded businesses, frequented by customers who want to get on their way again as quickly as possible. This hectic atmosphere can be dangerous in certain situations. You are at a higher risk for experiencing a slip and fall accident if:

If you slip and fall at a gas station for any reason, you should report your accident to someone working at the store. Employees will need to file an accident report in order to document your slip and fall accident. This report often serves as the first step to securing the compensation you need after slipping and falling.

Injuries Caused by Slip and Fall Accidents at Gas Stations

There are a number of common injuries associated with slip and fall accidents in Florida. Individuals who fall at a gas station could be left with:

It is very important that you get medical treatment for any injuries sustained in your slip and fall accident. Getting help quickly demonstrate that your injuries were caused by the accident. This is important, as you cannot seek compensation unless your lawyer can show that the accident was responsible for hurting you.

Liability for Accidents at Gas Stations in Florida

The property owner for a gas station may be liable for your losses if you slip and fall on a spill, slick spot, or another hazard. Your lawyer will need to establish liability before you can get compensation. A property owner may be liable if they:

Any property owner that allows a hazard to remain – without warning anyone that the hazard exists – violates the “duty of care” placed upon them by the state of Florida. This means that you may file a claim against them to seek compensation for your losses.

Gas Stations and Premises Liability Claims

The Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik can file a premises liability claim for you after a gas station slip and fall accident. You may need a slip and fall lawyer in Florida to ensure this claim is filed properly. Jason and Debi Chalik can work to demonstrate the property owner’s liability by:

We can also review your medical records to ensure that all of your losses are appropriately compensated. Let us start working to secure you the compensation you need right now. We can handle all your legal challenges so you can focus on your recovery.

Get Help After a Gas Station Slip and Fall Accident

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