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Many customers in Florida visit Bath & Body Works when they’re looking for bath and beauty products. These stores often have a wide range of seasonal products, including candles, perfumes, and lotions. All of these products are designed to pamper consumers.

Unfortunately, you can leave the store without feeling pampered at all if you slip and fall during your shopping trip. A fall can leave you in need of medical treatment and facing quickly increasing medical expenses.

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Learn More About Bath & Body Work Stores in Florida

The first Bath & Body Works store opened in Ohio in the year 1990. Since its founding, the company has grown immensely. Currently, there are around 1,600 Bath & Body Works stores in operation. You can find Bath & Body Works stores in:

These stores are often found in malls. They can be incredibly busy, especially because they typically have samples of their wares set out for customers to try. These samples can easily spill on the floor, creating hazards that can lead to a slip and fall accident in Florida.

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Areas Where Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Bath & Body Works

We mentioned that the free samples around a Bath & Body Works store can lead to slick areas on the floor. Many customers are not careful when they sample lotions and other slick substances for sale around the store, resulting in unreasonably slippery floors.

Slip and fall accidents also commonly occur in locations with:

If a Bath & Body Works store owner is aware that any of these hazards exist in their store, they are required to take steps to address the problem. The hazard must be removed if at all possible. If property owners cannot remove a hazard, they must put up warnings for visitors to their stores. Failure to deal with a hazard can represent an act of negligence in Florida.

Take Action If You’re Hurt in a Bath & Body Works Accident

You need to take immediate action if you slip and fall in a Bath & Body Works store. First of all, you need to report your accident to a manager. The manager can document your slip and fall accident by filing an incident report right away.

You should also gather evidence about your slip and fall accident. You can get the contact information of witnesses who saw you fall. You can also take pictures of:

This visual evidence can help an injury and accident lawyer in Florida build a strong claim for you. You should also seek medical care after you slip and fall. It is important to demonstrate that your slip and fall accident led to your injuries so you can get full compensation for your losses.

Injuries Caused by Bath & Body Works Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident at a Bath & Body Works can leave you dealing with a number of serious injuries. Some of the most common results of a fall can include:

You may need to work with a slip and fall injury lawyer to ensure all of your medical expenses and other losses are addressed after your accident. Jason and Debi Chalik are ready to start working for you right away. We can help build a premises liability claim to ensure you get fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages at work, and other expenses.

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