388 Wild Country Tires Recalled

TBC Corporation, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has recalled a number of potentially defective tires. According to media reports, TBC Corporation recalled 388 Wild Country Radial XTX Sport tires due to broken or cracking ply cords in the lower sidewall on the white sidewall side. Each of the tires is size 265/65R18.

These specific tires were manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. in 2014 between June 1 and June 28; 1,492 tires were created during this time period, yet only 1,104 tires have been accounted for, resulting in TBC Corp. initiating a recall for the missing 388 tires.

What is the reason for the recall? 

The tires are being recalled for cracking or broken ply cords within the sidewall. TBC Corp. explained that the tires do not comply with federal regulations pertaining to tire endurance tests because the tires might start to crack or develop broken ply cords above the edge of the rim. The company hasn’t created a notification schedule for the recall, although it has said it will replace the tires at no cost to the consumer.

Tire Defects and Accidents That May Result 

TBC Corp. has taken a decisive step towards ensuring the safety of the consumers who purchased these tires. Although the tire recall may inconvenience the tires’ owners, it also can help prevent any accidents that could have resulted due to the mentioned defects.

Broken or cracking ply cords can lead to a tire blowout when driving. This, in turn, could cause the driver to swerve uncontrollably, resulting in a single-car or rollover accident or even a collision with one or more other drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians. Generally, damages resulting from this type of accident are extensive. Damages may include serious injuries to the driver, passengers, nearby bicyclists or pedestrians, or other motorists involved in the crash. In some cases, these types of accidents could be fatal.

How to Tell if Your Tires Have Been Recalled 

In order to avoid being involved in an accident due to defective tires, it is important for all car owners to remain diligent about recalls that occur, and replace tires if necessary. Currently, any tire owners who possess the tires detailed above should call TBC’s customer service line at 800-739-7698 and mention recall 159 when speaking with a company representative.

Of course, there have been many other tire recalls recently. Because of the safety issues involved with driving on defective tires, tire owners who are unsure if their tires have been recalled can check the recall, investigation and complaint database on SaferCar.gov, which includes information related to tire recalls, as well as recalls for cars and other vehicle parts. The database also includes information on how defective tire owners can rectify the situation.

What should I do if I’m ever injured by a defective tire? 

Sadly, tire recalls are not always completely effective, leaving many defective tires still on the roads. And while these potential defects may not cause accidents, too often they lead to catastrophic accidents.

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