Michelin Tire Recalls

Numerous Michelin tire recalls in the last 10 years help highlight the importance of nationwide consumer safety standards. Those injured due to a defective product have options to recover compensation for their damages.

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Who is to blame for your accident?

The Michelin tire recalls demonstrate that even highly regarded, successful multi-national companies are prone to errors. When those errors lead to dangerous product defects, those injured can hold the manufacturer financially accountable for its mistakes. We will investigate the details of your case to determine if a manufacturer like Michelin is liable for your accident and injuries.

If, at the time of your accident, you were using products included in a tire recall, you may have reason to hold the tire manufacturer responsible. This applies to accidents attributed to faulty tires, such as a rollover crash caused by a tire blowout. We can talk to you about the specifics of your case and help determine if a defective product caused your accident.

Michelin’s Tire Recalls – A History of Manufacturer Defects

Drivers in Florida – and throughout the country – have been impacted by Michelin’s numerous defective tire recalls.

Below is a brief timeline of events:


This is simply an overview of some of the past safety issues relating to Michelin’s products. We will help you determine if your own accident was connected to a defective product, whether it was on your own vehicle or another vehicle involved in your crash. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

 We Are Prepared to Help You

Product liability and defective product cases are complex. They require extensive investigation and substantial evidence. We have the experience necessary to handle such claims effectively