Yokohama Tire Defects

Yokohama tire defects have been the cause of numerous complaints and some recalls over the years. Drivers in Florida may have been affected by defects such as tire blowouts, tread separations, tire pressure issues and uneven wear of tread.

Tire blowouts and other similar defects can cause vehicular accidents and other dangerous situations. If affected by or harmed as a result of a defective Yokohama tire, you may be entitled to compensation. Call an attorney familiar with tire defect cases to discuss the details of your case and file a claim for damages against the responsible party.

Complaints and Recalls Involving Yokohama Tire Defects 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recorded the following recalls and complaints for Yokohama tires over the past 15 years.

There have been many other complaints involving Yokohama tires, too. offers consumers a resource to search for a particular tire manufacturer to learn about complaints and recalls involving various tires from the manufacturer. If a Yokohama tire defect caused your accident in which you sustained injuries, contact an attorney to review the circumstances of the accident, liability for damages, and the types of damages you may recover.

Filing a Product Liability Case for a Yokohama Tire Defect 

Product manufacturers are held to a legal standard of quality in their products. Tire manufacturers are required to produce safe and reliable tires. When individuals are harmed because of defects, product liability law protects their financial and other interests.

A product liability case must establish that the tire was defective and that the defect led to the accident. Your claim must also establish that you were injured and suffered damages as a result of the accident. If your tire blew out and you ran off the road but suffered no damages, then you may not have a product liability case beyond replacing the defective tire(s).

If you’ve been involved in an accident due to a Yokohama tire defect, you may face large and unexpected property damage expenses, medical bills or lost wages if you’ve been unable to work. You may have a product liability case. An attorney who specializes in tire defect and product liability cases can review your documentation and can build a case against the tire manufacturer to pursue compensation for your losses and expenses. You may also recover pain and suffering and other noneconomic damages related to the accident and your injuries.

Call Chalik and Chalik for Help with a Yokohama Tire Defect Case

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