Pep Boys Tire Defects

Founded in 1921 as Pep Auto Supplies, Pep Boys has become one of the largest automotive service centers in the United States, providing car care and products to consumers across the country. Pep Boys also distributes and installs tires made by numerous tire manufacturers.

Unfortunately, since its inception, some Pep Boys tires have been defective and caused motor vehicle accidents and subsequent injuries and even deaths. If you have been hurt in a crash as a result of defective Pep Boys tires, a consultation with an attorney may help you learn how you can recover compensation.

Tread Separation Defects

A tread separation accident can be extremely traumatic and may result in multiple-car collisions or even single-vehicle accidents. In this type of accident, the tread becomes separated from the rest of the tire, which may result in a tire blowout and can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

This was the issue in a 2010 accident that resulted in a single fatality. The right rear tire, designed, manufactured and distributed by Cooper Tires at the direction of Pep Boys, experienced tread separation, causing the car to leave the roadway and collide with the guardrail. The survivors of the deceased driver filed a wrongful death claim against Pep Boys and Cooper Tire & Rubber Company alleging their active roles in causing the defect.

Other Tire Defects

In addition to problems with tread separation, Pep Boys tires have been investigated due to a variety of other defects. In fact, numerous recalls have been initiated on certain tire models distributed by Pep Boys. These recalls are provided on, a website operated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to information presented in the recall announcements, some Pep Boys tires may be prone to sidewall cracking or belt separation, especially in instances when moisture comes into contact with the steel belt. In some cases, the tires were reportedly produced with inadequate materials, and in one case, rubber used to produce the tires was contaminated.

Tire Manufacturers Have a Duty to Provide Safe Tires

Ultimately, tire manufacturers have a responsibility to provide tires that are safe for use in their intended way. If they fail to do so and this failure leads to injuries, the injured party may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer to recover compensation.

In order to be successful in this type of lawsuit, the injured party must prove certain elements. The plaintiff in the lawsuit must demonstrate that:

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