Motorcycle Tire Failure

Motorcycles leave little to no protection for riders in the event of a crash. Taking that into consideration, it makes sense that every possible safety precaution should be taken every time a rider gets on a bike. And while riders can control factors such as what safety gear they wear, how fast they drive and what weather conditions they choose to drive in, they can’t always predict other, uncontrollable events.

Motorcycle tire failure is one of those events that riders can’t always avoid or detect ahead of time. Especially in the case of manufacturer defect or improper mounting performed by someone other than the rider, there may be no warning or means to avoid a tire failure and resulting accident.

Product Liability Claims for Motorcycle Tire Failure

If you’ve been injured or incurred property damage expenses because of motorcycle tire failure, you may be eligible for compensation.

It’s possible that negligence on the part of one of the following could have contributed to your accident. 

For example, motorcycle tires might contain similar defects as other tires on passenger vehicles. This could include poor design or manufacturing that might contribute to tread separation or sidewall zipper failure. Tire blow-outs can be very dangerous and might lead the motorcyclist to lose control of the bike.

Meanwhile, if a mechanic installed the tires incorrectly or a dealership sold a bike with defective tires, those parties might be liable. A tire defect lawyer will know what signs to look for and can tell you what documentation or evidence is necessary to prove negligence and liability for your damages.

What damages can I recover if harmed by a motorcycle tire defect?

If you’ve been in an accident and motorcycle tire failure is to blame, you can file suit against the liable party – like a tire manufacturer – for reimbursement for expenses related to the crash.

Some of the expenses you can claim include the following.

A tire defect attorney can help you determine what expenses you’ve incurred as a result of the accident as well as any future damages you can include in your case. Your attorney will organize your information and prepare the case.

A lawyer can also manage any follow-up and requests for additional documentation from an insurer or the defense. An attorney will know what defenses to expect from the liable party and will be prepared to negotiate and advocate on your behalf. 

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