Possible Erb’s Palsy Causes

What are the possible causes of Erb’s Palsy?

There are several possible causes of Erb’s palsy. The underlying nerve injury is often a result of birth trauma. In some cases, parents can trace it to a doctor’s or hospital’s mistake. The error can occur during prenatal care, labor or delivery.

An attorney in Florida can investigate the case to determine the causes of a child’s Erb’s palsy. Parents may consider a birth injury claim or lawsuit if the investigation reveals medical negligence caused the injury. Parents then can use compensation from a successful claim to address the financial consequences of a child’s injury. This can include medical and surgical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How can a doctor’s or hospital’s error cause Erb’s palsy?

Erb’s palsy is a nerve injury in the shoulder area. It can occur during difficult labor or delivery, and larger-than-average babies typically are more susceptible. The injury most commonly occurs when a baby’s shoulders become lodged as it passes through the birth canal (shoulder dystocia). A doctor or delivery room attendant may exert force on the baby to free it. This, in turn, can pull or tear the nerves.

A doctor may contribute to Erb’s palsy by failing to provide adequate prenatal care. This includes failure to diagnose and treat conditions that contribute to a large baby.

Other aspects of medical negligence that can cause Erb’s palsy include:

Investigate the Cause of Your Child’s Condition

An attorney can investigate a child’s injury to determine the cause of his or her Erb’s palsy. This may mean examining prenatal medical records, a timeline of events for labor and delivery, and talking to witnesses. An attorney also may consult a medical expert to determine how and when the injury occurred and discuss whether the doctor was negligent in his or her actions.

Investigations may look at whether or not the delivering doctor used approved techniques to ease delivery, the doctor’s professional history and the qualifications of the hospital. These investigations help to undercover evidence of the causes of a child’s Erb’s palsy.

Filing a Birth Injury Claim Based on Erb’s Palsy

A parent may proceed with a claim if there is sufficient evidence of medical negligence or error on behalf of the physician. The claim can seek compensation to pay for a child’s short- and long-term care and other related expenses.