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Most drivers do not think about the fact that when they are behind the wheel of a car that their safety is riding on four rubber tires that support the complete weight of the vehicle. If there is even one defective tire on your vehicle, the risk of being involved in a serious accident as a result of a blow-out, tread separation or loss of tire air pressure is significant.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your tires, research them online and find out if they have been or are currently subject to recalls. If you are concerned about your safety, even if your tires seem to be performing well, make sure to take them in for a thorough check-up.

Notable Cooper Tire and Rubber Company Recalls and Lawsuits

  • February 2002, 3,368 were recalled tires for pinholes in the tires and possible inner-liner tears
  • August 2005, 49,000 tires recalled due to loss of air pressure issues
  • February 2006, 288,000 recalled passenger car and light truck tires due to cracking in the tires and slow leaks. Affected tires included: Cooper Discoverer S/T, Dean Mud Terrain Radial SXT, Durango Radial XTR, Mastercraft Courser C/T, Dick Cepek Radial F-C II, Mesa C/T, Pro Comp Xtreme A/T and Tempra Trailcutter Radial RT, Dean Alpha 365 A/S, Mastercraft A/S, Starfire Flite-line IV and Trendsetter SE, Cooper Zeon 2XS and Mastercraft Avenger ZHP
  • December 2008, recalled Cooper CS4 Touring (VR) tires, size 215/55R17 for improper curing leading to tread separation
  • June 2012, recalled 10,236 truck and SUV tires for tread separation issues.
  • September 2014, recalled 1,492 Wild Country Radial XTX Sport 265/65R18 tires due to broken and cracking ply cords in lower sidewall on outboard side above rim

Cooper Tire was sanctioned by the Federal District Court for shredding documents.  It was the first instance in which a major tire company was caught destroying documents in legal proceedings.

In Whitaker/Hervey vs. Cooper, it was revealed that Cooper Tire was the only manufacturer that used a device like an ice pick to puncture new tires through the tread to the inner liner prior to them being sent to market

Court depositions also revealed that Cooper cured foreign objects into their tires such as screws, chicken bones, and wrenches

Cooper Tire and Rubber is also the sole tire maker that did not use a wedge in their steel belted radials, a counter-measure to reduce tread belt separations

Have you been involved in an accident involving Cooper tires? Do not wait to seek legal advice to review your case and legal options. There are statutes of limitations that may bar your action if you do not file in time.

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Buying New Tires Means a Safe Ride

Most drivers do not expect their tires to harm them, whether they have a new or older, well maintained vehicle. Most consumers simply assume that tires have been crafted with care, inspected thoroughly and are therefore safe. This is not always true.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) there are more than 30,000 people killed on the highways every year. In 2013 alone, the cost of vehicular fatalities was $44 billion in work loss and medical care. This does not include the high price paid by the victims, their families and friends.

In 2013, the latest year for the most up-to-date statistics, more than 2,450 Floridians were killed in motor vehicle crashes, resulting in $32 million in medicals costs and $2.99 billion in work loss costs for a staggering total of $3.02 billion. Defective tires caused some of the recorded deaths.

How to Find Out if a Tire is Subject to a Recall

If you have Cooper tires on your vehicle and are not sure if they are or have been subject to a recall, you may find that information at: Consumer Affairs

You may also visit Once there you can research what brands, sizes and lines of Cooper tires have been recalled. You may want to sign up for recall notices. Although the tire manufacturer is responsible for notifying tire owners of recalls, they may not have the correct mailing address for the consumer.

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To prove liability, it is important to have industry experts who will testify that the tire is defective and that the defect was the cause of the accident. We will perform an investigation to help you recover financial compensation for your injury.

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