Are Your Tires Keeping You Safe?

There has been a recall by Michelin of approximately 104,000 Goodrich tires that are used to drive light trucks and recreational vehicles. The recall is due to the potential for the sidewalls to burst when conditions are severe. Fortunately, according to Michelin, there have been no fatalities or injuries linked to the defect. Among the vehicles that use the tires are commercial trucks, large vans, small RVs and pick-up trucks weighing one ton.

Another tire recall was one issued by Discount Tire and America’s Tire chains, which recalled almost 80,000 replacement tires for light trucks and SUVs due to separation of the tread. The recall involves specific Pathfinder tires that were manufactured between August 2013 and May 2015. None of the defective tires were sold following May 19. The tire manufacturer said it would send letters to its customers, and offer to replace the tires at no cost to them.

According to Discount Tire, separations on the tires first came to its attention in February, at which time the tire maker began testing them. It discovered that the rubber coating between the steel belts was not sufficiently thick. In the event of a crack in the steel belts, there could be tread separation, thereby increasing the likelihood of a crash.

As in the case of Michelin, Discount Tire stated that there were no reports of any fatalities or injuries due to the defect. Stores will inform owners, and either replace the tires free of charge or provide refunds.

Tire recalls are all too common, and unlike the tires involved in the Michelin and Discount Tire recalls, in some instances, they have caused injuries and deaths. In order to ensure that one is notified of a tire recall, one can choose to receive alerts sent by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA).

However, since many of the recalls will be inapplicable to some consumers, it may be more useful to establish a Google Alert in which one can enter the tire’s brand, make and size. In this way, one will not be bombarded with tire recall information that is irrelevant to one’s tires. The recall notification will consist of a range of dates during which the tires were manufactured, as well as the tire identification number (TIN), which can be found on the tire’s sidewall.

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